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  1. Pleistocene seafaring
  2. Projection(s)
  3. I hope I'm in the right place-concerning human adrenaline and endorphines
  4. Most Thought is NOT in Linguistic Form
  5. My theory on human (physical) variation
  6. Do seatbelts save lives?
  7. Psychology - blame game
  8. Is overeating a psychological disorder?
  9. Major Moral Dilemma: It Started with Viagra
  10. It’s about time!
  11. What defines intellect?
  12. Sexual Education
  13. H.M. is dead, at 82, but will be long remembered.
  14. Internet Forum as Verbal Video Game
  15. Cure for alcoholism?
  16. Anger / Darkness
  17. Is it true that blond(e) people is a race in the human species?
  18. The fleeting eye - not looking out
  19. Validity of IQ tests
  20. Is Nazism a religion?
  21. Metaphor: Unconscious Catalyst of Thought
  22. Elitism
  23. Rotational symmetries and Rubik's cube
  24. feet taboo
  25. Is it true that Chinese people are Caucasian?
  26. Hope.
  27. Is it true that racism makes no sense, because, by being racist to someone, you are
  28. What Causes a TV Show?
  29. The limits of delusion and stupidity, and are they mutually exclusive?
  30. Darn! Chinese people are now "black" in South Africa!
  31. Why Do We Act Stiff/Differently Infront of Those Attractive To Us?
  32. “Strike at the Root”
  33. Lsd
  34. Clint says this generation is a bunch of pussies
  35. Happiness is achieved through Meaning
  36. Kids Who Get a Deficit of Attention
  37. Haidinger's brush
  38. When is? House a Home, Enemy a Friend, Banker a Thief
  39. Most pet owners claim to understand their pets
  40. Is Heterosexuality a Social Conditioning?
  41. Well-Being is the Meaning of Truth
  42. What to do when democracy fails.
  43. “Technology as Extension of the Human Body”
  44. Do we reach adolescence too early in modern cultures?
  45. the 4 great ancient civilizations, where are their sons and daughters?
  46. Awesome comparison of bonobos and humans
  47. Are chimps, gorillas, oranguatans interfertile
  48. Power Plays In Romantic Relationships
  49. “Bring the coon-skin home and hang it on the wall” LBJ
  50. Do you think we should revive the Neanderthals?
  51. chromosomes
  52. Arithmetic is Object Collection
  53. Homoerotic gestures from "straights"
  54. Can we Quantify Value?
  55. Teenage 'virginity pledges' are ineffective
  56. Mannerisms
  57. Will the Digital Age Destroy Creativity?
  58. Human population should be allowed to grow without limit
  59. Formaldehyde Poisoning
  60. Lead laced Marijuana producing sociopaths?
  61. Minds Eye
  62. I am not part of this culture
  63. Birth Control Effectiveness
  64. Using Reverse psychology - is it ever appropriate
  65. Is CT the Foreplay of Understanding?
  66. The Structure of Science?
  67. Calculation without Understanding
  68. “Seeing is the perception of action”
  69. Why do groups tolerate obnoxious alphas?
  70. Caucus versus Standard System Primaries
  71. Homosexuality vs. the ''Non-Gay Man''
  72. The Source of Human Reason?
  73. Jungle dweller sees brick wall ?
  74. Taking Social Theories to the People
  75. Human Paradox
  76. Childhood in USSR: in pictures
  77. Art, Common Sense, and Objectivity
  78. What do you like about Psychology?
  79. “Old Age ain’t for Sissies”—Betty Davis
  80. The Death Fear is lessoned by killing another
  81. That’s philosophy for ya!
  82. What is the origin of paleolithic people in Portugal?
  83. What is Gay and what is Straight?
  84. Techniques for getting smarter
  85. What do women want?
  86. Instrumental Rationality and Communicative Action
  87. Symbiosis: the nature of reality.
  88. What Categories Reveal About the Mind
  89. What is the origin of the Natufians in the Levant?
  90. There is no God’s Eye View of Reality
  91. Prehistoric Man's Jaw
  92. Men vs Women - Desire
  93. Frequency of light brown hair in Portugal and Spain
  94. Paintbrush is Pump: Image Based Thought
  95. Is dinosaur a bird?
  96. Breast pumps for weight loss
  97. Rawls’ Metaphor “Justice as Fairness”
  98. Simple question
  99. Fair-Mindedness ain’t for Sissies
  100. Idiots can't tell that they're idiots
  101. Political Philosophy and Medicine Shows
  102. Muslim in America
  103. Squirrels as self trained group without the use of a language
  104. Lying. Learned or Instinct?
  105. Ocd
  106. Global (human) depression is exploding, why?
  107. The priority of appearance in a relationship.
  108. Denial - an act of "Burning Bridges"
  109. Why Humans Kiss
  110. why people beleive weird things
  111. Monogamy - Dead or alive?
  112. Text messaging as mental illness?
  113. Can we talk about thinking?
  114. Can we be clear about our assumptions?
  115. Do Amputees Scare Children?
  116. gag reflex
  117. Beauty and Morality are Species of Value/
  118. How people not get overweighted or thinner without knowing how to eat.
  119. 1.5 Million-Year-Old Human Footprints Found
  120. Why Men Stop Having Sex
  121. Is Lying Immoral (Sinful, Illegal)?
  122. The final straw and conclusion for the Battle of the Sexes
  123. DNA tests!
  124. 30 million single Chinese men
  125. Enclosure: The Death of Subsistence Farming
  126. Empathy and Scientific Observation
  127. Empathy: What does ever dog owner know?
  128. motivating people
  129. How did the “Poor Law” became a poor law for the poor?
  130. Math Equations: Metaphors of Science
  131. how did the baby boomers do it and why?
  132. Willful Ignorance
  133. Perspective Reasoning - How important is it for mental health.
  134. Can society resist becoming an economic appendage?
  135. Inferiority Complex - A discussion
  136. Are Science and Religion Enemies of Morality?
  137. Ignorance, apathy, and irresponsibility
  138. What is the Destructive Force of Belief?
  139. What network of habits permeates our actions?
  140. Are we playing a fictional role in life?
  141. Sounds like a coherance of Neurons
  142. Nomophobia
  143. Body-mind
  144. Visual Hallucinations
  145. Is Corporate America a Cabal?
  146. MARKETING: Harmful to children or not??
  147. French culture = arrogant
  148. Sex Surrogate
  149. An Italian doctor completed a brain operation despite having a heart attack!
  150. You know times are tough when _______
  151. This makes NO sense
  152. Would appreciate input/perspective re questions
  153. Attention People..
  154. eye sight/perception
  155. Help me study...
  156. Should children just be left to be.. ermm.. children?
  157. Mapping brain waves and making generalizations on human cognition
  158. Why gay marriage is wrong
  159. Can someone please explain to me...
  160. The purpose of depression
  161. Moms at risk for internet addiction
  162. Don't offer help, just let me vent!
  163. Why does civilization create lawns?
  164. Free will, Ha! You’re the last to know “your decisions.
  165. Ms
  166. Empty House Syndrome
  167. true or false: Jews are geniuses?
  168. Gold Diggers (not the miners)
  169. Brains make their own 'Marijuana'
  170. Psychology Of Newton's Declaration Of Gravity
  171. Mission: How to feel great all the time no matter what.
  172. My little defect..
  173. Red
  174. Do women make better managers?
  175. I'm resistant to anesthesia?
  176. Sucide Averages
  177. New drug to induce deep sleep
  178. Paedophiles - where do they come from?
  179. Feminism Thread
  180. Are you on regular medications?
  181. What is it that makes us lazy?
  182. "Extreme Female Mind" (Type E or Empathic). Is there such a disorder?
  183. Just for fun: are you mechanistic or mentalistic?
  184. What choices are there for men to get a baby?
  185. Georgia Guidestones
  186. Why I didnt' want a baby girl
  187. Interesting stuff from the AAPA
  188. Miss California's Sin of Vanity
  189. Corporal punishment in the Indian school system
  190. Disorder vs. personality type
  191. The thrill of the chase is overrated
  192. Geek is now chic
  193. A New Human Discovery On Flores
  194. My Toxic Delirium
  195. Self motivation vs forced motivation. A difference?
  196. How will the rise of visual search engines alter our processes of thought?
  197. It's ok to beat your wife/spouse!
  198. Tell-tale symptom of my ADHD/dyslexia? I scored in Auditory Attention 1st percentile
  199. Blinded By The Light
  200. Inkblot Test
  201. What is change?
  202. Thinking of oneself objectively: an illness?
  203. Simple question
  204. Missing Link Found
  205. Family Problems
  206. Short People
  207. So, we ate Neanderthals?
  208. "Gay Face"
  209. Does it count as an assault?
  210. Subcultural/Ethnic Heterosexual Male Expression (Boobies and Butts! Also some legs.)
  211. new alz info
  212. Ancient Hot Ghetto Mess
  213. Could a blind person see colors if....
  214. schizophrenic, ADHD, ADD medications
  215. Understanding Homosexuality
  216. Behavioral Patterns
  217. Crowd Psychology
  218. Cheops Burial Chamber
  219. Interesting manwoman creature--no, seriously
  220. Cowards, violence and the Brave
  221. Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  222. Dog drags woman in front of train
  223. The Anti-Smacking Law: a step forward or a load of ****?
  224. Finding the Right Brewers Yeast
  225. 45 Dismembered Male Bodies found in the UK
  226. HIGH RISK: Children without a Conscience (a book)
  227. Eyebrows
  228. Asexuality
  229. Closer to understanding, and controling, Aging.
  230. No Brain? No problem.
  231. Mosue in China have no Marriage
  232. Woman with five husbands.. are guys that gullible??
  233. Why is a woman's upper body "obscene"?
  234. Pretty Face
  235. Why don't we like subcultures/people who dress differently?
  236. 6 new personality disorders caused by the internet
  237. Why wear clothes?
  238. Is the human body beautiful?
  239. Motivation behind the Tuskegee experiment
  240. Are Humans Emission Free?
  241. Antidysgenics
  242. Belief and the Placebo Effect
  243. A Person or Just a Baby
  244. The Psychology of Crackpots
  245. Homosexuality - Nature or Nurture?
  246. Confused
  247. Can we beat death?
  248. IQ and Global Inequality
  249. Is it possible that you can have a subconscious that's at oddswithyourconsciousmind
  250. Liar Liar