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  1. United Nations is a laugh
  2. JNF to mark destroyed Palestinian villages
  3. Suicide Bombers Strike in Israeli Nuclear City
  4. Suicide Bombing
  5. Iran declares space war
  6. News From Gaza
  7. CIA chief admits waterboarding
  8. More US global deception in the War on Terror
  9. Who cut my cable??
  10. Tornado storm across the US
  11. Japanese Whale slaughter
  12. Another Arms Race ?
  13. Terrorists Cannot be Muslims
  14. India Mines Not Yet
  15. Saudi's jail woman for coffee drinking @ Starbucks
  16. Assaination atempt on the President and PM of east timor
  17. US Navy Intercepts Russian Bombers
  18. FBI Arrests 6 in Chinese Spy Case
  19. Baghdad Hospital Director Arrested in Down Syndrome Bombing
  20. BBC Panorama, : What happened to Mandela's Rainbow Nation?
  21. ultra-sonic yob detterent
  22. National Apology
  23. Izza Niiiice!! Bomb 1, Imad 0.
  24. Anther School Shooting Massacre
  25. More Dangerous/Deadly Cr@p from China
  26. Syria arrested Palestinians suspected to be involved in Mugniyah assassination
  27. 'Witch' to be executed
  28. Obama america's 1st black president, with muslim parents & muslim schooling
  29. Dealing with Israel the right way
  30. 4 years jail for having poppy seads from a bread roll on pance in dubai, muslim law.
  31. Kosovo "independence" by the illuminati, 9 years after battle of Armageddon begun
  32. Iran trys to get holland to ban dutch mp's film about the "violence provoking koran"
  33. Terrorists Kill/Wound 180+ in Afghanistan
  34. World's Ten Worst Dictators: 2008 List
  35. Bayer knowingly sells HIV infected drugs to Europe and Japan...
  36. Baghdad Violence Down 80%
  37. "Youths" now rioting in Denmark
  38. Amtrack Passenger Inspections
  39. Google Silences U.N. Critic
  40. Kosovo Independence
  41. Castro Quits
  42. Israel's creation made Palestinians victims of Holocaust
  43. British Citizenship
  44. Wikileaks Plugged
  45. London previously said it played no role...
  46. Devastation of trawling visible from space
  47. Immigration and terrorism in Europe?
  48. Turkish troops enter north Iraq
  49. Pitfalls In Security Culture
  50. Saudia Arabia 57 arrested in flirting raids at shopping centre!! Disgusting!!
  51. Kurdish Independence Now
  52. Pakistanis Want Larger Role for Both Islam and Democracy
  53. B2 crash!
  54. Denmark is the cause for terror
  55. Kizuna!!!!
  56. What was he thinking?
  57. Massive earthquake trys to kill the uk!!! & destroy the empire!! & attack the Queen!!
  58. Exxon slick
  59. Will the Web remain neutral?
  60. Remember the U.S.S. Cole? Guess where it's parked?
  61. 30 years on how much has changed?
  62. Millionaire Soldier signs on for 3rd tour in Iraq
  63. World Banks warned of doing business with Iran
  64. Venezuela 'sends tanks to border'
  65. Medvedev wins with 70% of the vote.
  66. East Jerusalem-2008
  67. Mod Queue
  68. Chavez Again
  69. Obama's skydive begins, no talent, no policies.
  70. 7 + gunman killed at a religious school
  71. 'I heard them screaming 'enough, stop,'
  72. In relation to the latest attack at Jerusalem school
  73. Israel seals off West Bank
  74. Dutch troops in danger
  75. Egypt's role in the Arab-Israeli conflict
  76. why do people support the nation of isreal when there is no legitimate reason for it
  77. He is a martyr
  78. The holiest site in Judaism.
  79. A shift in the paradigm: Oil and the Arabs
  80. Amr Khaled
  81. Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam and al Qaida
  82. Tehran police chief caught with 6 naked prostitutes in a brothel
  83. Clear and Present Danger
  84. Last "poilu" from WWI dies at 110
  85. Tibet protest
  86. China: "Secret prisons & Torture now Synonymous with the USA"
  87. Jordan conference on Iraq refugees
  88. blow to the UMP
  89. This makes my eyes bleed.
  90. Dutch Muslims get unexpected support
  91. Russian massacres in Chechnya
  92. The Dalai Lama to step down as leader of Tibetí
  93. Arthur C. Clarke dies.....
  94. Antisemitism on the rise in...Israel!!!!
  95. Record setter dies..
  96. Osama bin-Laden's New Tape
  97. 'Insulting to Jews': Leading German Rabbi Condemns Pope's Good Friday Prayer
  98. Logo for 2008 Olympics looks like...
  99. Moderator: Madanthonywayne
  100. Madmen
  101. Interesting (for Aussies)
  102. France declares War on Amercia!
  103. Earth Hour
  104. The Treaty of Lisbon and national identity
  105. Modistans
  106. Current Zimbabwe election results
  107. New WOW signal has scientists baffled
  108. Breaking: Bush suppports Nato Expansion to Eastern Europe!
  109. Woman bites dog that bites her dog that bites on woman causing her scratches
  110. Turtle slaughtered and Bears Tortured
  111. Congo Civil War still killing, 6 years after truce
  112. Nuclear war between India and Pakistan
  113. Anybody cares about the Olympics anymore?
  114. Wheelchair bound torch bearer attacked
  115. His nuts are fine
  116. Women is murdered when trying to prove people are reliable.
  117. American assistance to Israel
  118. More people live in Tokyo than in all of Canada
  119. The Law vs Superstition
  120. Getting back Russian territory to Russia, dealing with self proclaimed georgia
  121. IMDs in Iraq
  122. Journalists
  123. China, the worlds most evil country
  124. Jimmy Carter's visit with HAMAS leaders
  125. Origin of the Croissant:
  126. Kill Everybody!!!
  127. Polygymy Raid Based on Hoax?
  128. Chinese troops in Zimbabwe!!!!
  129. Should Australia develop nuclear weapons ?
  130. 16 cop cars burned or smashed after 1st round hockey playoffs.
  131. Penis Theft!
  132. Olympics and the USA
  133. Victims: 'America's Worst Cardinals'
  134. Holocaust Remembrance Day
  135. Hawaiian Kingdom Government
  136. Envoys of the Dalai Lama are traveling to China
  137. You Want That $360 Billion in Small Bills?
  138. Deadly blast strikes Yemen mosque
  139. Vandals cut the internet...bastards..
  140. babies in the freezer?!?!?!?!
  141. Cyclone in Burma...
  142. Bike to Work
  143. Oil Reserves in the U.S. Upped
  144. Israel's 60th bday
  145. civil war in lebanon
  146. The next Palestinian Nabka .............
  147. Burma Junta Bastards
  148. 'catastrophe' day Israel's creation, australia's creation
  149. Another US gambit against Iran fails
  150. Is Mid East peace really possible with the Americans ?
  151. Are There Benefits To Global Warming?
  152. Bush acknowledges peak oil! --historical speech
  153. George Bush: IS Destroying America
  154. Will we see a change in US foreign policy ?
  155. Is Iran Funding Obama?
  156. Israel gives America orders to follow
  157. An example Sino-American barbarity
  158. Iraq could have largest oil reserves in the world
  159. This is the best they can do now
  160. Iranians Would Welcome Airstrikes
  161. Pakistani tells the US to shove it
  162. Syria hesitant to grant IAEA access
  163. Eurovision Song Contest 2008
  164. Save America ? There's nothing left to save !
  165. Yey! new President in Lebanon
  166. No for Islamic school
  167. Australia muslim racist bastards?
  168. CIA, Al Qaeda, War On Terror
  169. Israel attempts fitting up Iran ........ fails
  170. Oil $200 a barrel, how about a food surcharge on the middle east?
  171. North American Union
  172. Here be psychopaths
  173. Carbon Belch Day
  174. Nepal abolishes the monarchy of 240 years
  175. Bankrupt US begs for money to help Iraq
  176. Assault with hedgehog
  177. POLL:Who's responsible for soaring oil prices?
  178. Interesting...
  179. Danish Cartoon backlash, there embassy is blown up in pakistan!!!!!!!!!!!!
  180. Oz Leaves Iraq
  181. 1 Killed After Alleged Drunk Driver Plows Into Bike Race
  182. Abiogenic Oil
  183. Tumour turns out to be 25-year-old towel
  184. Celebrity chef under fire for 'jihadi chic'
  185. "Comeback kid Clinton" theater reaches climax with "Obama celebrates victory" take
  186. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 9/11 mastermind or kebab shop owner?
  187. "Khalid Sheikh Mohammed say's this" "Khalid says that" says who?
  188. Domestic Energy Resources
  189. Play About Rachel Corrie is Being Censored!!!
  190. Israel and Iran: War inevitible?
  191. Ice Age on the Horizon
  192. 700000 protest against U.S. in Korea
  193. Japan's oldest whaling town battles for survival
  194. Barry George. Did he kill Jill Dando?
  195. US-Iraq talks on security at dead end
  196. Bush: Get Osama before I leave office
  197. Tiger Woods wins US Open is sudden death
  198. Ireland rejects EU Lisbon Treaty
  199. Insecticide 'killing Kenya lions'
  200. The washed up feet
  201. Israel Prepares To Avert Nuclear Holocaust
  202. Pentagon can't find hundreds of nuclear weapons components
  203. Naomi Campbell, the black chip pan on her shoulder.
  204. As expected: Israeli Arabs much happier than their reps and international press claim
  205. Africa: Cradle of Civilization
  206. Supreme Court Rejects Death Penalty For Rape Convicts
  207. Mugabe's leadership a failure, says Mandela
  208. Supreme Court Upholds Gun Right
  209. Queen Strips Mugabe of Knighthood
  210. Kashmir protests continue
  211. whats the next step?
  212. Mexican military incursions into the US...
  213. Never Forget: Nuclear Terrorism
  214. Iraq: 15 of 18 Benchmarks Satisfactory
  215. Enviro's oppose Solar Power!
  216. George W Bush Authorized 911 Attacks Says Government Insider
  217. Tom Cruise wins medal of valor.
  218. Saddam Did Have Yellow Cake After All
  219. Supporters of the 19 Highjacker theory: Please provide the smoking Gun!
  220. Rotting cheese recycled!!!!!
  221. First American gest gored in Pamplona!
  222. Cowboy president rolling up sleeves to save the Planet
  223. Pioneering heart doctor Michael DeBakey dead at 99
  224. Did Sen. Schumer cause Bank Panic/Failure?
  225. President Bush Lifts Ban on Offshore Drilling
  226. Sudan's Bashir dismisses war crimes charges
  227. Taliban fighters storm US base
  228. Yhe Board Members Fanny May and Freddy Mac
  229. Reformed Terrorist Delivers Message of Christ
  230. Trick or Treat ! , Holloween Jihad Style !
  231. maliki backs obama's timetable
  232. The amazing progress in Iraq
  233. Hizballah's 2nd victory
  234. World War III
  235. Radovan Karadzic Captured
  236. Superglue DUMBASS gordon (invisible man) brown, uk's clown PM
  237. Hurricane Dolly
  238. New Cuban Missle Crisis?
  239. Fools playing Dr. Radovan Karadzic and Saddam role and YOU
  240. Not blaming Israel?
  241. Manipulating the media
  242. 14 dead in Instanbul bombing
  243. It's mist more than smog says Olympic spokesman
  244. The real reason for the Iraq invasion, the US backed into a corner: inflation.
  245. Bush Approves First Military Execution In 50 Years
  246. A reformed HAMAS member opines
  247. Iraq Oil Exports Up 10X
  248. IOC admits Internet censorship deal with China
  249. Iraq deployment
  250. Abiogenic Hydrocarbons