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08-22-08, 12:34 PM
Reality is a unity, more specifically, it is a unity of consciousness. That means when a perception takes place, the "essence" of the perception is a "conscious, real event". One may try to "atomize" the perception, attempting to break it down into a simple aggregate of localized component parts, for example, as required by a materialistic "classical reality" theory. But if Reality is not a unity of consciousness then it is an assemblage of discrete "mutually exclusive" non-conscious parts. But Reality cannot actually be separated from itself, because that creates a contradiction.

It is clear that the wave function of the Universe/Reality must have a Godelian strange loop, since there is no outside for Reality.

The philosopher Immanuel Kant posited that Reality has a dual identity, which is the "nouminal and phenomenal".

The nouminal is taken to be the complete, external Reality, of which, we can perceive only a small subset of. That which is perceived is the "phenomenal", the internal world of each individual's conscious experience, being a mental reconstruction and replication of the external. Consequently, on all levels, Reality is a self-referential and "self-similar" replication, via supra-physical and spatio-temporal holographic representation. Mind and Reality share the same quintessential basis and in that respect, they are isomorphic.

Mystical experience is not beyond the grasp of logic, as many have argued in the past. Paradoxicality, using the vehicle of complementary logic, can be reduced to true, false, or "true contradiction", thus sparing ourselves from further torment and lost hair, via pulling.

All presuppositionalism aside, it becomes paramount, that in order for diversificative self replication TO occur, there must be a medium of ontological potential, providing the wherewithall and means for a universal self-instantiation. The perception of temporal linearity is a persistent and necessary illusion, but, in all actuality time is a nouminalistic - nonlinear - parallel - configuration, giving Reality a thorough accounting of each and every situation. Ergo, our universe is a multiverse of curiosity.

No, curiosity did not kill the multiverse

The spiritual becomes the mystical, where the ontological status of Reality conditionally requires itself to have self binding constraints built into its own intrinsic structure via the initial implementation of simple rules, which evolve contingently. Reality must bind itself as it learns, through its own epiphenominal distinctive separation and just as equally, it must maintain an all encompassing non-epiphenomial symmetry and reciprocity. Alas, this appears to be a contradiction of epic proportions, until the complementary logic realization, of our inadequate predication.

Objectification through the reification of the relative quality of Reality, entails that one must aperceptively regard themselves, if such a thing is possible, where the "how and what" we think we know of something in Reality as being distinctively separate, yet nevertheless, it is still inseparable from the greater whole. Relational logic provides a method, madness, and mechanics for uncertainty, where the statistical status quo is more or less rightly so. Qualia is beholden to logic but also, logic is also beholden to qualia. Reality is a "thing in itself", where the ostensible superluminal "qualia" connections are actually statistical quantum correlations .

The information that analog57 imparts can be trusted as it is true. Not false. Not mere inference nor intellectual masturbation as is evident from some other identities. I therefore make the choice to trust analog57's reality based information.

How do I say si-onora in 20 different languages?

-Nick Hosein.