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  1. Energy = Matter = Fields
  2. Gravity As A Repelling Force - Newton/Einstein
  3. Pseudoscience: Moderators & Guidelines [March/2013]
  4. Cosmological Model of The Universe
  5. Time is NOT the 4th dimension...
  6. My theory 1 step at a time
  7. What is Gravity?
  8. Energy - What is it?
  9. Theory of Personality / Personality Type Career Guide
  10. Many possible futures, but only one past?
  11. Ancient Aliens: Religion or Science?
  12. Time Explained
  13. The ISU 2013 (Infinite Spongy Universe cont.)
  14. the EARTH is expanding!!!!
  15. At Rest with our Hubble view
  16. Pi^3 = 31.00 62 7......7 integers
  17. Zen Cosmos Revised( Zen = Mahayanna{ big boat/cosmos? }
  18. The Sun Is Not Hot
  19. Nibiru's Cosmic Rendezvous
  20. Formula to calculate the 4 FORCES fundamental of Tthe nature
  21. Refuting the theory of SPACE-TIME...
  22. Entropy = matter changing to dark matter
  23. Improved non stop engine
  24. Theory of Electronexplosion in (English) and (Spanish)
  25. How a round particle emits breeze? In a high voltage cable.
  26. Logic against physics. What causes the humming noise in electricity?
  27. I think I discovered a new particle, I need your opinion.
  28. Saddle-shaped( Exotic) Heat Death Scenario( Infolding of 4-fold Symmetry )
  29. Tam 2013 apostasy
  30. Time Cystral Physicists?
  31. Some alternate 0/0 construction draft, using something learnt from Wheel theory
  32. Trying To Make My Theory Simple To Understand
  33. Project for the construction of a propellant-based freeze distance.
  34. Pi - No Patterns, because Pi is the pattern
  35. Principles of creating an Under Unity Environment
  36. is it possible for our universe to be the remnants of a blackhole...?
  37. Pi^4 = 3D + Time?
  38. Discovery of a new particle.
  39. Interference defies thermodynamical laws, and creates energy!
  40. New article shows a fatal math error in SR
  41. Propellant of glue.
  42. The universe building block - a radical theory
  43. Apparant 2 directions
  44. Gravity slows down time.
  45. Crank Estate Sale
  46. Something fun: What if we could travel faster than the speed of light?
  47. Death Valley Sailing Stones Prediction Linked To Egyptian Statuette Mystery Rotation
  48. Rotational speed and time dilation
  49. Looking for evidence of spirit in nature
  50. The finite/infinite answer to life!
  51. Question Theory (?=∞) Theory
  52. Elements within Elements
  53. Quantum healing: I had trouble debunking this particular point from this video
  54. Formal Debate: Gravitational Shift and the Least Action Principle
  55. Space time is reality Pseudo
  56. How GR curved space time works?
  57. SR conundrum.
  58. Electron shell jumping
  59. The Pyramids
  60. Gravo-electri Tori Ideas
  61. 4 Great Circles of Torus and Vector Equlibrium/cubo-octahedron
  62. Mechanics of Gravity
  63. Origin of the planets
  64. Finite Set Past)( Finite Set Future Finite setEeternally Eists
  65. tv message from future
  66. Time travel analysis again: Weird phenomenon when trying to think about grandfather p
  67. Victor Espinoza's: Thread of Intrigue
  68. Robert Lanza
  69. New Energy sources
  70. Tidal energy accumulator - Feasibility?
  71. Yemeni girl cries stones instead of tears
  72. Effects of compression on matter in black holes
  73. Pseudoscience Action Notes
  74. How can biology and genetics explain reincarnation?
  75. Reality as wave-particle
  76. creating new elements.
  77. Why do people die from very severe fevers?
  78. Science jokes
  79. An addendum to my Topic of Energy and Matter
  80. The Golden Rule God
  81. Volcanoes & Perpetual Motion
  82. Evolution of mammals
  83. Do sea serpents exist?
  84. Research shows phobias are inheritable. What...
  85. Ancient Aliens Debunked
  86. Quacks and the Smithsonian
  87. The Cognition of Past and Future as Complimentary Values
  88. Esotericism: Is it basically the brain trying to comprehend something ambigurous an?