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  1. Rush Limbaugh endorses Obamacare... indirectly
  2. Obama effigy hanged in Jimmy Carter's home town
  3. Nigeria slams 'discriminatory' flight checks
  4. Compare bush II response to shoe bomber versus Obama response to crotch bomber.
  5. Government Your Way
  6. Glen Beck named Misinformer of the year!
  7. Voila! The solution to political turmoil
  8. TSA is a Joke
  9. Why are those who're against Affirmative Action favor Ethnic Profiling?
  10. UK's war dissenter: Joe Glenton
  11. Pakistan: The cost of "success"
  12. Updating "burkagate"
  13. Obama Lie: "Healthcare Negotiations will be on CSPAN"
  14. An undercurrent of racism ?
  15. Sudan tribal clash kills 140
  16. America's Biggest Idiot
  17. Hugo Chavez Clone
  18. Palin hired by Fox News
  19. Uganda bill to execute homosexual people
  20. Islam4uk banned
  21. Will Scott Brown Kill ObamaCare?
  22. Your War on Terror: The Terrorists Are Winning
  23. can celibrities think?
  24. Obama the Slow Learner (about creating jobs)
  25. James Cameron Hates America
  26. Google vs. China
  27. Fair and balanced
  28. Looking Forward: The coming stupidity
  29. Scott Brown (R) Wins Senate
  30. The great idol again now for SUDAFRICA and the world !
  31. Can machines be sensual ???
  32. Obama's 1-year Anniversary:success/failure?
  33. Supreme Court Eviscerates McCain-FeinGold
  34. Ron Paul -- cracking up?
  35. Air American Radio goes bankrupt
  36. France sets up burka commission
  37. Embracing Israel Costs Merkel Clout
  38. The Day ObamaCare Died (to the tune of American Pie)
  39. The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle
  40. Obama Get's His Head Handed to Him
  41. What happens to a country intent on doing the things that will cause its destruction?
  42. Why did President Obama hire Ben Bernanke to run the Fed?
  43. Rocking the boat: Republicans vs Democrats
  44. LA times
  45. "UN wrongly linked global warming to natural disasters"
  46. US Public Priorities: Economy#1,Global Warming Dead Last
  47. Hannity vs. Moore
  48. Is this Watergate II? Fox Acorn hero arrested.
  49. Number of jobs to create to keep up with population pressure, a war is badly needed.
  50. Out of control, lobbying where does it end?
  51. France bans Veil
  52. So Obama can't talk without a TelePrompTer?
  53. China's strident tone raises concerns
  54. U.S. Jews and Latinos form unlikely bond over immigration policy
  55. Dramatic shift in Pentagon's thinking
  56. Same old song
  57. Republicans for bipartisan commision on the deficit and now against it, why?
  58. Blacks want to retain their "Blackness"
  59. Politics are futile: agree or disagree?
  60. Should President Obama meet again with House Republicans in an open format?
  61. Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt Fights Deportation
  62. Obama Girls Ardor for Obama Fades.....
  63. Obama Lied 800,000 Uncounted Jobs Lost.
  64. did cbs use double standards to allow the tim tebow ad to run
  65. President George Bush.
  66. Sarah Palin uses crib notes to answer questions at Tea Party event.
  67. American Tax Rates
  68. Who to blame for NASA death?
  69. Republican Congressman wants to restore literacy tests to keep people from voting.
  70. Obama invites Republicans to televised meeting on healthcare reform. Will they show?
  71. Bush: Miss Me Yet? Mystery Bill Board
  72. Fox: The Most Trusted Name In News
  73. Obama's Approval Rating Falls to 44%
  74. Scumbags Unite!: Pat Robertson was Charles Taylor's Man in Washington?
  75. why are you against universal healthcare?
  76. I watched glen beck this evening for my dose of daily magic.
  77. Valentine is in the air: Edwards proposes to mistress
  78. Emission Trading Schemes (to complicated to be understood)
  79. VBS.TV: A guide To North Korea
  80. Should bands talk their views on politics, or shut their mouths and play music?
  81. Is Sarah Palin qualified to be POTUS?
  82. Palin vs. W
  83. 4 decades of Hawaiian government healthcare
  84. Na'vi Palestinians fight the separation wall.
  85. How the Ohio 2004 election was stolen
  86. Move over Patriot Act, U.S. Government to track your cell phone location...
  87. A sure guranteed way to halt Iran's nuclear ambitions without a single drop of blood
  88. Why do people resent the wealthy?
  89. BNP Accepts non whites
  90. Are Republicans really fiscally conservative?
  91. Ill-considered tax cuts are no better than ill-considere hikes in welfare spending
  92. We are not an "English-speaking country."
  93. Hit Squad
  94. America as an "honest broker" for Palestine
  95. How's Obama Doing?
  96. Palin lashes out at `Family Guy'
  97. Where is white history month?
  98. My name is Khan [second try]
  99. Should some socio-political POVs be considered to be antisocial?
  100. Whats Your Views On War?
  101. Anacrchy- Crazy People, Or Has Some Merit
  102. Muslims Try Another Terrorist Attack vs. Our Troops at Ft. Jackson
  103. Manufacturing, starting to rebound!
  104. Obama is very Religious
  105. Family Fool Sarah Palin just can't win
  106. Are you for or against a National ID card?
  107. So This is Why We Bailed Out the Auto Industry?
  108. Who a Terrorist?
  109. Bush, Blair attend Nigeria ceremony- rice/palin
  110. Iran the mega super power
  111. Indian intelligence and mossad sponsor taliban in Pakistan
  112. What is going on in Iran?
  113. Remember Dr. Azmi Bishara?
  114. Centralized Action
  115. The Recent Hero of the Republican Party Votes with the Democrats!
  116. The Palestinians Start To Wake Up
  117. The UK drills for oil in Falklands, Argentina is pissed!
  118. Ron Paul Wins CPAC
  119. Homosexaul Rights
  120. Don't trust people from India on Iran
  121. The continuing blatancy
  122. Gaddafi calls for jihad against switzerland
  123. Republicans kill extension of unemployment benefits!
  124. Considering Liberalism:
  125. Reform, and the Dangers of Drawing Lines in the Sand
  126. Do You Believe In Legalizing Marijuana?
  127. What happens now?
  128. 3 LA Teachers Removed Over Choice Of Black Heroes
  129. Dutch anti islam party makes gains
  130. Do You Believe Obama Should Be President
  131. Republicans are already selling access to government in order to raise money!
  132. Anti-Gay GOP Lawmaker at Gay Club before DUI arrest.
  133. Do you support Geert Wilders?
  134. Muslim lawyer: It's ok to harass jewish women
  135. What should be done with Sex Offenders?
  136. SCO natural gas pipeline
  137. Technocratic Solutions for Convicts & Prisoners.
  138. Obama Cutting Military Pay Increase
  139. Should people in the penitentiary system be charged for their keep?
  140. Turkey threatens America
  141. Should people who commit crimes be locked up?
  142. sarah palin and entourage like locusts at oscar's swag suite
  143. Should there be a penal colony in the US?
  144. corporate money in politics, example
  145. Congressional estimates show grim deficit picture
  146. another money scandel from the party of "fiscal responsibilty"
  147. "Ah The Hernandezezes. . ." PC Run Amuck
  148. facinating Q&A
  149. Will healthcare reform in the US pass?
  150. a picture for the muslim world that doesn't get reported often
  151. World Heritage Designation
  152. Netanyahu: No deal until Palestinians accept Israel as Jewish
  153. Republican Majority Leader says unemployed are unemployed because they want to be!
  154. sarah palin used candian health care in youth
  155. Will Obama be ducking shoes in Indonesia?
  156. Why is anyone against Obama's Healthcare plan?
  157. Leadership Lessons From A Dancing Guy
  158. Should civil servants be allowed to unionize?
  159. ESPN article claims Obama to Ban Fishing.
  160. Obama. Liberty, and American Sensibilities
  161. Sectarian violence becoming a genocide? Nigeria
  162. Walmart under fire for selling black Barbies at half price of white dolls
  163. What is political correctness and why do we care about it?
  164. An Open Letter to Glenn Beck
  165. Political models
  166. The Dome is shut down
  167. China? A "superpower"?
  168. Good bye Tea Party, Hello Coffee Party!
  169. 'Kill the f***ing whites now!!!' - South Africa
  170. Fear, anger at Malema song
  171. Brazil's da Silva seeks to resolve mid-east problem
  172. Is the Tea Bag Party Dead or Dying, being incorporated back into the Republican fold?
  173. UN resolution 478, is HUGE!
  174. i wanna create my own country
  175. The Tea Party and the Supreme, is it ethical?
  176. Action! Notes.
  177. Pelosi wants artsy-fartsy types to be able to be comfortably under/unemployed...
  178. Meet the young Barry Soetoro
  179. Hawaii considering law to ignore Obama 'birthers'
  180. Republicans giving Democrats Election Advise!
  181. Dem Congressman: "If You Don't Tie Our Hands, We Will Keep Stealing"
  182. Kucinich Flip-Flops on his Principles?
  183. You are now the founder of a new country, how would you run it?
  184. Obama trying to take over health care. People ticked off.
  185. Is "Deem and Pass" Constitutional? aka "the Slaughter Rule?
  186. Sean Hannity's charity takes in 10 million, pays out 300k?
  187. Another Stupid Tea Party Thread
  188. Will healthcare reform make job changes easier?
  189. Healthcare Bill Quotes H.R. 4872 Division I, Subdivision A, Subtitle A
  190. US Aid to Israel
  191. Cost of Healthcare and the role of FDA
  192. 'Journalists will bring the government down'
  193. On healthcare, remember why Obama was picked over Clinton
  194. Tea partiers are just as racist and homophobic as their predecessors
  195. What happens to American Politics if Healthcare Reform is Passed today?
  196. The Doc Fix Bill, what is it?
  197. On Paul Ryan's points regarding "double-counting" et al.
  198. The basis for the "abortion" claim, regarding healthcare bill
  199. The Bill Passed
  200. The truth will come out
  201. Where are the Environmentalists?
  202. Criminal Aliens Invade Washington/Demand Citizenship
  203. Consider the healthcare bill a lesson learned
  204. Savagery posted on Facebook
  205. Are Obama's voters going to be mad about the new healthcare bill?
  206. Too many laws have created a climate of fear, bishop warns
  207. Have Republicans met their Waterloo? A Republican speech writer thinks so.
  208. republicans to challange health care bill
  209. The Politics of Speech: Coulter and Canada
  210. Federal Government Sued over Health Care Bill
  211. So what's next? Medicare? global warming?
  212. Why so many questions with the US census?
  213. Extremists threaten, vandalize House Democrats
  214. Palin: Git yer Guns ready!
  215. Rep. Dingell Says ObamaCare Will Eventually ‘Control the People’
  216. The Land of the Free? Not So Much
  217. republicans
  218. We, the US, not doing as well in the tech race as we could
  219. Preventative Healthcare
  220. The Real Arithmetic of Health Care Reform
  221. Obama humiliated Netanyahu at the White House
  222. Why your Bi-partisan BS is Detrimental to society...
  223. Republican hypocrisy at work!
  224. No time to rest. We need to hold our majority
  225. Much Ado About Nothing. Violence Overblown..
  226. Representative Cantor caught red handed in another fib!
  227. You hate Obama's health care penalty for the uninsured?
  228. EU Headed Towards Break Up
  229. US set to make 8 Billion dollar profit from Citigroup bailout.
  230. Health Care Reform: Lawsuit Edition
  231. Pro-Israel, anti-Likud
  232. US troop deaths double in Afghanistan
  233. Archie Bunker called it how it is 30 years ago.
  234. If Iran started building settlements in Israel would it be tolerated by the US?
  235. World War 3
  236. Netanyahu is now taking heat from one of his own coalition partners
  237. Israel and US clash over settlements
  238. Germany rejects Turkey's accession
  239. "Conformity, Brutality, and the Elite. All of which are American dreams"
  240. Healthcare Reform... WHY?!?
  241. somalians protest against al-Shabab
  242. Is this the end of hannity's career?
  243. Republicans do you know how your leaders are spending your hard earned donations?
  244. So Now That We Understand Anarchy A Bit More
  245. Left wing militias, where are they?
  246. Obama to unveil new offshore drilling plan
  247. Republican officials are seeking money from Wall Street According to the WSJ.
  248. which country in the middle east...
  249. Is ObamaCare Constitutional?
  250. Republican National Committee distributes a porn phone number in their mailings!