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  1. Pelosi Ried Worst. Congress. Ever.
  2. You Tube Debates: Your Questions
  3. Republican Abuses From 2001 To 2007
  4. Cheney in charge tomorrow
  5. Indisputable proof of the difference between White & Black Politicians.
  6. China v America
  7. Deeper and Deeper
  8. Protest war, lose your property?
  9. The Democratic YouTube™ Debate
  10. Who said this?
  11. Is the New Republic telling fables again?
  12. Gonzales vs. SJC
  13. The Imperial President (The Madness of "King" George)
  14. Georgous George Galloway - suspended from Parliament
  15. Taking American Jobs
  16. Democrats a Ongoing Scandal
  17. American killers
  18. Couldn't resist - DailyKos vs. FOX
  19. Moveon.Org own the Democratic Party
  20. Leahy stalks the Supreme Court
  21. Family values, focus on family, etc.
  22. Gonzales Caught Lying to Congress
  23. Undermine the efforts in Iraq...
  24. The Public & The War
  25. US Embassy In Iraq Built By Abducted Slave Labor
  26. New Evidence shows Pat Tilmman was murdered. Bush claims executive privillage
  27. Schools giving Muslims special treatment?
  28. Michael Moore: Bush administration calls out filmmaker
  29. Playing the blame game
  30. NC couple arrested over "flag desecration"
  31. An American discovered oil in Saudi Arabia
  32. Iraq turning for the better?
  33. Tax Crime and Pollution, and you have fair taxes.
  34. Guiliani: Democrats party of losers
  35. Pre-preseason election numbers: Edwards on top in Iowa
  36. John Murtha, the Cool Aid is Great.
  37. Iraq in the media
  38. Obama on going into Pakistan
  39. Why are we so scared of offending Muslims?
  40. Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Robert Fisk
  41. Cut from the same cloth?
  42. Russia plants flag under N Pole
  43. Paul / Kucinich 2008? Any takers?
  44. John Edwards, the fraud
  45. Chaos in the House of Representatives
  46. Gingrich blasts Bush, War on Terror
  47. Why Clinton nicknamed Hilldog?
  48. NASA issues driver's license to appollo crew operate LEM on moon
  49. House Approves Wiretap Bill
  50. The Best Of Bill O'Reilly **hypocrisy alert!**
  51. Ron Paul wins another Major Poll *Drudge Report*
  52. how i feel about islam
  53. Amend the Consitution
  54. Tommy Boy!
  55. Does this make any sense?
  56. Freeganism
  57. Florida Republican: "Fear of a black man ...."
  58. Rudy Giuliani's daughter is supporting Barack Obama
  59. America's Dumb Budget
  60. the E.U.
  61. Designer Borders
  62. Is Bilderberg illegal?
  63. Primaries in 2007?
  64. Black operations
  65. AFL-CIO Democratic Debate
  66. Citizen returns to US after being deported; Border Patrol tried to stop him
  67. Is Bush incompetent or is he a calculating warmonger and tyrant?
  68. Pat Roberson
  69. Spooks rule OK! Is this the way of the world?
  70. Who will be our next president?
  71. Americans don't like the media
  72. Why are conservatives wishing for another Terrorist attack?
  73. Bridges to No Where
  74. Dick Cheney explains why attacking Bagdad is a bad idea ***1994 VIDEO-MUST SEE****
  75. Iraq War Czar: Consider a draft
  76. Being Critical of the Bush
  77. Karl Rove Resigns
  78. Bush admin. History of WMD claims**Best Video Yet**
  79. Who is Hotter
  80. Libertarians who vote Democrat
  81. Next President Dem or Republican?
  82. Same ole, same ole
  83. What Next Now That Bush has lost his brain?
  84. Spy satellites pointed at US citizens?
  85. Pedilla guilty...
  86. Proof that George Bush is the worst President EVER!!
  87. CIA, FBI edit Wikipedia...
  88. Why do I feel like a stranger in my own country?
  89. The half-million dollar washer: a new record in overcharges
  90. Is Hugo Chavez good for his country?
  91. Introduction to Ron Paul
  92. United States Poverty Map RED VS BLUE
  93. Liberal media
  94. If Richard Pryor were President ***Political Humor***
  95. Statue of Liberty?
  96. Hillary said what?
  97. CIA dropped the ball...
  98. Democrats Invested in Defeat, will be Defeated.
  99. The War as We Saw It ****Soldiers give thier first hand account of the surge
  100. Clinton strikes terrorist bases
  101. White House Anti-Protester Manual
  102. One Democrat Not Optomistic about '08
  103. Fox ATTACKS! Iran - Fearmongering 2004 vs. 2007
  104. Republicans, ongoing Scandal
  105. America to the Rescue
  106. The Healthcare Crisis and Solution
  107. Should Congress Impeach??
  108. Obama's experience compared to Bush and Clinton
  109. Editing Wikipedia.. and getting caught
  110. Sen. Warner (R) - Start the withdrawal before Christmas
  111. Are your children and teachers being brainwashed?
  112. Affirmative Action Fails Again!
  113. Who was the better president?
  114. AG Alberto Gonzales Resigns
  115. Should we pull out of Iraq?
  116. 'No white students are allowed to enter'
  117. Politics types?
  118. Some networks refuse to run pro-war ads
  119. How Did News Outlets Miss Senator's Arrest for Nearly 3Months?*liberal media alert*
  120. Prisons don't Work?
  121. Islamic Solicitor Accused of Bribery?
  122. New Orleans and its billions...
  123. encouraging integration
  124. Anti-war film stuns film festival
  125. BBC on Israel's Negev Bedouin policy shame
  126. Bush's Rats are deserting the ship early
  127. Behavior modification, and taxes.
  128. nuns calls for impeaching Bush and Cheney
  129. american ethics
  130. *Redacted* Iraq War Movie. (In depth review)
  131. Coservative Hypocrisy, how the "Conservatives handled their Katrina Event" Idaho 1976
  132. surprizing isn't it?
  133. Marine tells of order to execute Haditha women and children
  134. Crazy: coming to a New York cab carrying you
  135. First Bill Now Hillary, the Chinese Connection
  136. Amero - Good or Bad ?
  137. Cuba - Communist Utopia or Catastrophe?
  138. The Democrats and the pending Iraq report
  139. Interview With A Real Mexican
  140. The New Bin Laden tape, who benefits?
  141. Ron Paul wins Fox News Debate text message poll...
  142. Shark dies after scaring presidential candidates.
  143. Is Bin Laden right?
  144. First Mexican Truck already rolling into US under new program *NAU*
  145. Count Sudoku, you been duped!!!!
  146. Science proves it, Conservatives think less.
  147. Petraeus: Troop 'surge' could end by July '08
  148. Do you love America?
  149. Dmz
  150. Qatar...remember this name
  151. ....this just in, TV reporter Jim Moore has just interviewed President Bush
  152. Preventing the other side of the story to be told
  153. No New Arms Race?
  154. Ossie!
  155. Union sues over raids
  156. B-52 loaded with nukes?!
  157. CNN: Mystery 9/11 aircraft was military 'doomsday plane'
  158. Nuthin since Nine Eleven: So Let's Stay the Course, America
  159. The President's Speech, September 13, 2007
  160. Did the Times give a cheaper rate?
  161. On al-Jazeera organization
  162. Is it gas???
  163. thousands die for OIL
  164. Sadr group quits Iraq ruling bloc
  165. Recycling
  166. Perpetual War
  167. Transcultural Crossed Intersection
  168. France pushing war on Iran
  169. Iran is threatening Israel with catapults
  170. Holy Sh*t! 6 Involved in Nuke Mistake Dead in Accidents!
  171. say NO to taxes.
  172. Rather's $70 million suit
  173. Yet Another School Shooting?
  174. National Geographic on Pakistan
  175. Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission Report
  176. Columbia university disgrace
  177. Queen Hillary?
  178. $9.11 for guilanni
  179. Federal judge rules 2 Patriot Act provisions unconstitutional
  180. Corruption Perception Index
  181. US anti-terror efforts still too risk averse
  182. Dems say they can't promise troop withdrawals
  183. America's two political dynasty
  184. Hypocrites on Parade
  185. John Edwards has just killed his Political Career:(
  186. Does Hillary Clinton think 5,000 buys a house or a college education?
  187. Iran parliament labels US army, CIA as terrorist groups
  188. Birthright Unplugged/Replugged: the Jewish glasnost
  189. Gun control - US vs. rest of the world
  190. America: Death by suicide?
  191. Surveillance in big cities
  192. President Ahmadinejad meeting with Jewish leaders Sep 2007**Video**
  193. Israel has no constitution!
  194. More people fleeing Cuba
  195. The New West
  196. Should stupid people be allowed a say?
  197. Are the Democrats about to march to their doom?
  198. Pick your candidate.
  199. more secret torture memos...
  200. Redneck Town to Privatize Public Library
  201. When is the time to take up arms against the government?
  202. Rep. Jo Ann Davis (R-WV) dead at 57
  203. Far Right Party Dominates Swiss Election
  204. What's with the culture of fear and distrust amongst the far left?
  205. Muslims are evil
  206. Australian Federal Election 2007
  207. white house damages intell against terrorists
  208. Campaign Finance Reform
  209. The Pope Vs The President
  210. Where Will King George II Build his Library?
  211. Ron Paul kicks ass!!!
  212. Tobacco Prohibition
  213. right wing media attacks
  214. Blackwater Pulls guns on US Soldiers, Fired at Fleeing Civilians
  215. Conservatives and the Death Penalty
  216. Do you believe in the majority?
  217. Contradictions in Spite (U.S. Election Cycle)
  218. Local Flavor
  219. It happened again
  220. A nightmare with no end in sight
  221. Guiliani: US prepared for Alien Attack!
  222. What can I do with a politics degree?
  223. What was the Iraq war about?
  224. 24 percent
  225. anarchy?
  226. White Guilt
  227. Democrat Attack on Limbaugh Backfires/$2,000,000 Letter
  228. why we should have universal health care
  229. Will the next US President be intelligent?
  230. Hillary Clintons Dirty Tricks?
  231. "Anti-zionists, but we have nothing against Jews as such"
  232. Fredo to Face the Fire?
  233. American Elect Son of Immigrant Louisiana Governor
  234. Garry Kasparov on Bill Maher
  235. Great McCain Quote
  236. Bobby Jindal: America's Newest Republican Governer
  237. Mortgage Meltdown
  238. Is Israel "Stolen land"
  239. Paying for Doctor Expenses
  240. It offical: GOP = Party of God
  241. The Rudy Problem
  242. Bush is biggest spender since LBJ
  243. Biggest Tax Hike in History
  244. National Tax Rates
  245. Are you a neo-conservative?
  246. Laura wears hijab ... and we're supposed to ... what?
  247. Putin: An American attack on Iran will be viewed as an attack on Russia.
  248. An Overview of What's Happening in the World and Why
  249. Political Cartoons.
  250. Why is Mahmoud Abbas the Beast of Revelation 13?