View Full Version : Making Slow Dissolving Tablets

11-06-03, 07:59 AM
I want to make a Slow Dissolving tablet from household ingredients or ingredients that are easy to get from a store or the internet. I Currently have a toilet bowl cleaner in powder form and i want to make it into one of those tablets that you can put in the bank of the tank(water closet). What do i have to mix together to make something like this?

11-06-03, 11:44 AM
Use an old mobile phone as ignition for your incendiary device instead, just call it and Kaboomm!

Or, how about making a mix of water and your cleaning agent and make pretty large iceblocks out of it ? (that is if the freezing point of the cleaner is not too low). The larger the blocks, the more volume to surface ratio, hence slower dissolving, also a large block can consist of mainly water and just a hint of cleaner agent, so it will even work for cleaning agents with a very low freezing point..

11-08-03, 01:02 PM
I think those cleaning blocks use differetn cleansers than spray-ons, etc. Mostly because of the way they work. I'm sure there are sites that cover such things, many times, you can mix cleaners that are just as effective as the brand names, at a fraction of the cost. I really dont' know, though.

Vortexx, I think fertilizers work better than household cleaners, unless your trying for a gas bomb.

11-19-03, 07:03 AM
The answer is moth balls. Crush and Melt mothball slowly. Not over direct heat and in a well ventalated area. Add the other powder ingrediants and thats it. i got that infor from