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  1. any one have information about Neuro-psychological programming?does it work??
  2. Reverse Selling: Reverse Psychology in Sales
  3. Vitamin Supplements: bad?
  4. ANGER: Function, Utility, Pitfalls
  5. shared dreams
  6. Calaveras skull - detailled reports?
  7. Schizophrenia, a question of sensitivity?
  8. Questions and Opinions about Schizophrenia
  9. Bipolar disorder
  10. You can't tickle yourself into laughter
  11. How to create mutations in bacteria and yeast
  12. New Ways of Looking at the Mind
  13. How to Prevent Cancer
  14. Scientific method to verify if OBE are real or imaginary experiences
  15. Child sexual abuse
  16. weed kills cancer,and is awsome
  17. Voice-intelligence Vs. Voice-emotion
  18. Fire
  19. The dirty politics of social identities
  20. Attitude relating to non-abusive parents?
  21. The Rising Moon Anomaly
  22. How to be an evolutionary succes?
  23. Human evolution and technology
  24. Ethnicity of Middle Easterners
  25. Helpless?
  26. How did man discover...
  27. Donating Blood ?
  28. Dreaming about naked girls
  29. Why are some people are ambidextrous?
  30. humans other animals.
  31. Censoring gene research
  32. Body-response to someone else's injury
  33. How does drugs affect the lymph nodes?
  34. Genes Determine Academic Performance
  35. Wonder of sleep
  36. Absent-Minded Professor
  37. Can you tell a genuine smile from a fake one?
  38. Flavor enhancers
  39. What does it take to be "black"?
  40. Water and Consciousness
  41. Is heterosexuality unatural?
  42. The Letter "A"
  43. Mass Murder of Sick Elderly and Disabled Upscaled to "Unproductive"
  44. foetus cloning
  45. Reality, perception and simulation
  46. Humans have a sixth sense, and i can prove it.
  47. ancient chinese "chow"
  48. bieng old dosent mean worse performance,
  49. How Much Protein do you need?
  50. Driving the wrong way on a Motorway
  51. best sleeping position
  52. Giving blood
  53. Increasing your vocabulary!
  54. Losing weight
  55. fighting styles
  56. the link between bras and breast cancer
  57. Nervous System and Technology
  58. Why can't I tell my left from my right?
  59. dodging bullets
  60. Can over-skepticism/Belief effect health?
  61. Jungle find opens “new chapter” in Maya history
  62. All of the other ways of knowing are controlled by language
  63. Ideal Human Nutrition
  64. Constant Eye Color Chnage
  65. How the “trust hormone” works
  66. ((Social Control Through The Ages)))
  67. Getting Apart
  68. Deciphering Extinct or Alien Languages?
  69. Ms
  70. The Human Mind and Advancement
  71. Human Brain / Growing and Detereorating
  72. Jared Diamond G,G,& S : The Fate of etc. etc.
  73. The Human Mind
  74. Book on Psychological Effects of a Fathers Death
  75. Study traces Egyptians’ stone-age roots
  76. Career opportunities for BSc psychology graduates
  77. Homosexuality & Anterior hypothalamus
  78. Why good dancers are sexy
  79. Pubes
  80. Is Gender Orientation biological?
  81. Can you Psychically feel the thinking process?
  82. Masculinity and men
  83. Has it all been .... (psychology)
  84. Why do people believe in strange things?
  85. Looking The Same
  86. Looking for statistics regarding lifespan of heinous criminals in jail + death row
  87. Lancet Fluke
  88. Would you like to participate in a psychology research project?
  90. Millions of Jews descended from 4 women?
  91. How/When did dogs & humans bond?
  92. How/When did dogs & humans bond?
  93. Cowardice: the utter limits of brainwashed humans
  94. love science
  95. Anorexia and starvation
  96. Testosterone, Blacks, Honor, and Sporting ability
  97. Are there two types of sprinters?
  98. argument "what happens if you smoke coffee"
  99. Evolution of Man?
  100. Blacks Are More Likely to Get Lung Cancer
  101. Asking questions!
  102. Evaluating Overall Health Status
  103. Social Desirability in Social Comparison
  104. Determining Motivation in People
  105. do people who are blind from birth, have a minds eye?
  106. 95% of men have a sexual need for other men
  107. Why killing is natural to humans
  108. Humans are Becoming Genetically Less Intelligent
  109. What is your weakness?
  110. Brain size
  111. Do you as a man have a sexual need for other men
  112. Questioning
  113. Is insanity unique to humans?
  114. Sexual Orientation:an invalid concept
  115. A body weight and a power of love.
  116. Deja Vu
  117. Are humans still evolving?
  118. Opposites attract?
  119. Blind child
  120. drugs to learn?
  121. Body Image
  122. Suicide
  123. insanity thoughts
  124. When and how did the Aborigines get to Polynesia?
  125. Psychology or Psychiatry - Do you really have a clue what you are doing?
  126. Obsessions
  127. Evolution of Punctuation
  128. good line for asking out a feminist?
  129. Hunches: Scientific Evidence
  130. the brain---essential "elements"
  131. Humans Are Becoming More Redundant
  132. Idea/a Question!
  133. Aids: Women to man
  134. K here's a poll...How many of you think I can loose 50 pounds in 2 months?
  135. Love
  136. predators drove human evolution
  137. Selective hearing while sleeping
  138. "Backward evolution" spawns ape-like people
  139. Self harming
  140. battle royale
  141. Did you have an imaginary friend?
  142. Love(?) problem
  143. Normal Thread
  144. Claim of reversed human evolution sparks skepticism, interest
  145. Killer Instinct
  146. Psychosis ~What is it?
  147. Evolution of Man?
  148. Acids
  149. Feeling horny all the time...
  150. a civilisation without spirituality?
  151. Civilisation without Art/Music?
  152. SciForums made me more intelligent
  153. YOu will never know...
  154. Hmmm... Personal Adventures??
  155. A sane fight on the problem of psychosis
  156. Normal ~What is it?
  157. Hair Or Fur
  158. Jockeys - What the fuck are they?
  159. What makes pleasure?
  160. Pecking order determines amount of Testosterone
  161. Do people admit to being pessimists?
  162. What makes us humans so special?
  163. If we are all energy then what is the lesson
  164. Body is about 80% water?
  165. Mind control to prepare "Terror on the road to Genocide"
  166. The Planet & Ethnic Migration
  167. What do you think, how and why?
  168. Rich get Richer and Poor Get Pooer
  169. Social exchange theory partial disection
  170. Why do women make eye contact?
  171. Vanished passion.
  172. Imperfect Control
  173. Is the Mind of a Killer Any Different?
  174. Health without the hunger
  175. Hello, I'm new and was wondering if anyone believed in the supernatural?
  176. Hi
  177. :bugeye:
  178. How perfect is a perfect memory?
  179. -Personality-
  180. Psychology of a Suicide Bomber
  181. dyslexic sometimes....
  182. Bipolar, Schizoaffective, BPD (Ect)... Can the General Population Trust These People?
  183. Are black people more confident by nature?
  184. New "Personality" Thread stressing my responsibility
  185. dentists been haunting humanity for thousands of years
  186. i dont think we are all the same species,
  187. Tumor on my ear?
  188. Psychology links
  189. 6th annual: Are shoes the cause of Alzheimer's disease?
  190. Why do people love to watch so much violence?
  191. NOT mumbo Jumbo afterall? PSI for real
  192. Flexible Instinct
  193. How is prejudice created and destroyed?
  194. 100% of women are predominately lesbian
  195. freuds theory of the dream
  196. Creative Minds Think Tank Concept
  197. Positive Thinking Theory
  198. Sex cues ruin men's decisiveness
  199. Near-sleep state of the mind
  200. Experimental design for ESP Investigation.
  201. human mind-emotions-evolution
  202. Being smart is different than being intelligent.
  203. Out of Africa-theory? More like Out of Asia!
  204. Shyness
  205. Was pedophilia common in Greece and Rome
  206. Buddha1 – a solution
  207. I get paid to break things and kill people, what more could a man want?
  208. living underwater
  209. There is this guy
  210. Memory Recall
  211. Single parent family theory
  212. Stonehenge
  213. Placebo
  214. Religion - could it be an ancient form of science
  215. What are the commonalities of countries with the highest standard of living?
  216. The Irish are not a ´race´
  217. Think like a warrior
  218. Brutal lives of Stone Age Britons
  219. Its an egg
  220. Learning emotions
  221. What makes a nation more patriotic than another?
  222. Versions of reality
  223. Tests to know yourself
  224. Should I believe my teacher?
  225. unfinished dehumanization/irresponsibility [my becoming useful member a SF]
  226. How often and what do you read for enjoyment?
  227. Anthropology Question:
  228. Pain in dreams
  229. Brain Speed Test
  230. Patterns in childrens soccer
  231. When I was a kid - imagined
  232. Eat your peanut shells!!
  233. Petrol Drinking
  234. Myths.
  235. Meme Theory
  236. What, exactly are concepts in terms of mind?
  237. why do woman like complete dickheads?
  238. Volunteers Needed for National Study of Families
  239. Vision Is 2-Dimensional
  240. Trust
  241. God
  242. Sex
  243. Psychokinesis and other abilities of the mind
  244. Self Test - Try it!
  245. Who are the Scum of the Earth?
  246. Visual Pattern Fluid Intelligence Test
  247. Qestion about evolution
  248. Binaural beats and sleep
  249. Blacks Hear Better Than Whites
  250. Ambiguousness of medical syndrome criterions