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  1. Humen cultures and civilisations?
  2. Probiotics
  3. What's in a name?
  4. Online commenting: the age of rage
  5. Is moral sensitivity sufficient?
  6. How Strong Is a Chimpanzee?
  7. Suicide
  8. The Wisdom of Crowds, Revisited: When The Crowd Goes From Wise to Wrong
  9. Child seemingly born mentally ill..
  10. Perception Quize
  11. Mental health stigma
  12. Hydrocephaly and high IQ
  13. How Love Makes You Sick
  14. It has been a pleasure..
  15. Charles Bonnet Syndrome
  16. marijuana and cancer
  17. Marriage's 'dark side'
  18. A Strategic Contingency for Survival
  19. Hypnosis, any personal experience?
  20. Twilight fans, I need help
  21. World suicide prevention day 2011
  22. Child Suckling From Cow
  23. Progeria, The Aging Disease
  24. Biological or Psychological?
  25. The Psychology of The Dictatorial Parent
  26. Conjoined Twins Separated
  27. Twisting the views
  28. Lack of spirituality causes death
  29. Methods of intimidation and manipulation.
  30. Body Temperature
  31. We evolved in little hunting/gathering groups; how did we leap to big societies?
  32. What Is the Point of the Female Orgasm?
  33. On Trial For Ecocide
  34. Trying to Understand Stalin
  35. Human Development and Social Media.. Is it making us stupid?
  36. Cannibals in North America
  37. quiver while urinating..
  38. How many people die as virgins?
  39. Humans reached Asia in two waves
  40. Study says, 50% of studies are unreliable
  41. Did a woman-led Mother Goddess society rule pre-history?
  42. The Business of Child Sacrifice and Ritual Murders..
  43. Introverts vs. Extroverts..
  44. psychology question
  45. Early domestication of dogs
  46. how alienated are you?
  47. The begining
  48. Adaptive Radiation
  49. Fetishes
  50. Are we becoming more peaceful as we become smarter?
  51. Intelligence changes in the teenage brain.
  52. Video Slots
  53. The Inuit
  54. Dreams
  55. Test Your Inner Savant!
  56. Where will humanity be in 10,000 years?
  57. Why does the room spin around when we are drunk?
  58. Bi product of agriculture was war
  59. I think I have problem
  60. Marriage According to… Google
  61. Dark skin and its psych/soc/cult implications
  62. Goose Bumps
  63. Atheists eat your heart out
  64. Self-Actualizing Person
  65. Intellect x profanity
  66. The Human Particle, A Journey into the Virtual Nothingness
  67. Hallstatt, Austria - Hallstatt, China
  68. Was the modern man negroid or Mediterranuan
  69. Prohibition... Good or Bad?
  70. Human Migration and Arabian Peninsula
  71. Seven Science Fiction Ideas about Relationships and Sex
  72. Schizophrenia Cognitive Issues
  73. Our facination with motion arts!
  74. Blood Test Might Predict How Well a Depressed Patient Responds to Antidepressants
  75. Meet world’s shortest woman: She’s 24.7 inches tall
  76. Lost my job...and now I'm losing my health insurrance!
  77. interesting new PTSD treatment
  78. telling someone they are crazy on the internet
  79. Do tribes have the right...
  80. We arn not living in a Simulator thread.
  81. Punishment And Prisons
  82. Why are there so many seperate countries in the world?
  83. Nature of Man vs Liberal do-gooder, WTF?
  84. brainwashing:
  85. Do u hate ur parents
  86. Training the brain to improve memory
  87. Fishing 40,000 years ago with hook and line
  88. Longevity for inmates sentenced for life
  89. Is politically correct (PC) a form of lying?
  90. The scientific story
  91. Worried About Self
  92. Please Help with my Science Fair Project
  93. Why do things not improve?
  94. Rethinking "Out of Africa"
  95. Why so Special?
  96. Why nerves in teeth?
  97. Comparative effectiveness research?
  98. Superbugs
  99. Strong Jaws, Tiny Index Fingers, more masculine??
  100. Asymmetry in Hippocampus-Hypothalamus in Schizophrenics
  101. loss of widom
  102. Psychology Majors?
  103. How many jobs have you had in your lifetime?
  104. Neanderthal was a navegator ?
  105. Is there a common link...
  106. The Face Theory
  107. Psychopathy - bad? + checklist
  108. child being an introvert , is this okay ?
  109. Why is breathing both voluntary and involuntary?
  110. Is there a way to calculate...
  111. Has science figured out how the human brain stores and retrieves information?
  112. Abnormal is the new normal
  113. Are this the ancestors of Chinese features ?
  114. Vandals: Less dangerous psychopaths?
  115. Are people like variables in an equation?
  116. Anthropology - can someone build me this software
  117. The Peter Principle Revisited
  118. Apperceptive awareness
  119. The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
  120. quetion about HIV
  121. The Bolivian -Mesopotamia bowl
  122. Do you want to know your date of death?
  123. Homo Erectus, master of fire?
  124. What is love and liking?
  125. In the social sciences: what is our social behavior based on?
  126. Origin of human beings by means of artificial selection
  127. First use of clothes?
  128. Conscious effort required for simple acts?
  129. Not Another Mental Illness Thread!?
  130. The science for why having no personal attatchments helps.
  131. A daughter grows from 0 to 12 -- in 2 minutes and 45 seconds
  132. Marijuana and Schizophrenia
  133. Testosterone Factor
  134. Mindfreak
  135. Is Robot Sex In Your Future?
  136. Adaptationism
  137. Heat Shrinks Horses: Evolution Of Earliest Horses Driven By Climate Change
  138. Genetics What Everyone Needs to Know About Genetics
  139. Hatred - good and necessary?
  140. Can the feminist "trigger warning" itself be a trigger, without a warning?
  141. The list is out! Top baby names for 2011 are...
  142. What experiement could someone do at home to test for split brains
  143. Man goes to ER for a kidney stone, learns he's also a she
  144. You can instantly know a woman's sex history from her stride
  145. Best human evolution documentary
  146. Ignorance or idiocy?
  147. Good Thoughts Vs. Bad Thoughts
  148. Why do animals sleep? (version 3)
  149. Why are we so responsive to MUSIC?
  150. why the middle-east doesn't like us
  151. Increasing the pace of our own evolution
  152. The Dangers of Being Smart
  153. Why do we hurt the ones we love?
  154. Vonnegut's 'Slapstick' Social Program
  155. The Gay Gene: New Evidence Supports an Old Hypothesis
  156. Our mind works by comparison?
  157. Is mental illness contagious?
  158. Crystal skull
  159. Suicide: Atheists, theists, teenagers?
  160. the blue brain project (2014)
  161. Man started wearing clothes 170,000 years ago, according to study of LICE
  162. Decorating with Dog Teeth
  163. Dreams and Subconscious
  164. How accurate is a persons own handwritting identification?
  165. The top dog breeds for landing a date are
  166. Bog Mummies
  167. Release genetically modified virus immune mosquitos into Florida?
  168. becoming genetically enhanced
  169. Suicides are up this year, but why?
  170. cognitive homogamy
  171. Hoarders, have you ever known one?
  172. Prepare for Internet Blackouts (a message to all who are good)
  173. What is the aim of technological development?
  174. Do people get used to questionaires?
  175. Why You Shouldn't Borrow Money From Friends
  176. Indians and Lying
  177. Theory of arrogance
  178. TorF fat ppl live longer..
  179. Amount of time and energy spent on showing off
  180. Chicken or egg problem: athlete's body type
  181. Could humanity ever be united
  182. The Power of Intuition
  183. Are Women Feminizing Men?
  184. Data relating to brains of blind & deaf people.
  185. A Major Medical Achievement
  186. TV is bad for childrens self-esteem... unless they are white boys, then its good!
  187. Smell - Explained
  188. 100 orgasms per day are pure hell for this woman
  189. Teenage Marijuana Use Lowers IQ?
  190. Does low levels of psychopathy can be treatable?
  191. Humanistic
  192. Humanistic Behaviorism
  193. SETI communication through analysis of communication of animals on Earth
  194. The Science of Bodily Functions
  195. How encryption works
  196. In Defense of Lust
  197. Different Languages in Dreams
  198. Head-Fake Experiment.
  199. Rule for successful life
  200. One-Third of Married People Think of Sex as a Chore
  201. A NEW PSYCHOLOGY for the people of the World
  202. Lifespan vs Life Expectancy
  203. Intelligence and the genius of actual freedom
  204. Batman Unmasked - The Psychology of the Dark Knight
  206. When and where did marriage first become an institution of society?
  207. How to avoid get married with an APD person?
  208. The Intelligens Of the mass contra the individual.
  209. Aspergers and Autism
  210. Spine alignment
  211. Why do some people have extremely high intelligence?
  212. The psychology of bitterness
  213. Music is better than sex?
  214. Isn't assad the dictated of Syria a psychopath
  215. Isn't assad the dictator of Syria a psychopath
  216. Psychopath, non-overt violence
  217. do you know
  218. Love
  219. Evil
  220. A feeling of consistant bliss!
  221. European white race
  222. Invoking as yet unknown natural laws
  223. Would you like to be more intelligent?
  224. Evil people...
  225. Oxytocin effect male
  226. Do we really know about the early migrating man
  227. Am i an Orthorexic?
  228. Snow World VR therapy
  229. My research into stress and anxiety
  230. Q: Why are humans a group species? What is the advantage and why?
  231. Gay & lesbian attitudes toward opposite sex.
  232. Treating ADHD may reduce criminal behaviour...
  233. Not Easy To Be Different
  234. Was Larry Hagman the spokeperson for alcoholism?
  235. Why is Asia the most populated region in the world
  236. Family relationship
  237. Does anyone here understand economics?
  238. A new theory on the evolution of religion
  239. Protection against projective identification - resources?
  240. Asperger's Syndrome
  241. Isn't time that we understand that mainstream media is limited?
  242. What comes to mind?
  243. Dance/synchronised movement (psychology)
  244. Burning pain
  245. How many Intelligences do we have?
  246. If you quit smoking before 44, you live almost as long as a non-smoker
  247. Questions regarding the bare minimum of human comfort.
  248. Does only human have the ability to think of the future?
  249. Colorblindess (cone/rod types) and neuroanatomy
  250. Air pollution in New Delhi is worse than in Beijing