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  1. The United States of America
  2. Smoking a Cigarette
  3. Boris Johnson calls for legalisation of cannabis for medicinal use
  4. Wesley Snipes given three years for tax evasion
  5. Owners of barking dogs.
  6. Daughter Kept in Cellar 24 Yrs
  7. If pornography is demeaning to women...
  8. Does sex addiction exist?
  9. Is sexual jealousy inappropriate?
  10. Tell me
  11. Drinking and driving:
  12. The Order: Shoot and Kill
  13. Is it Ethical to...
  14. Sophie's choice
  15. Horse racing
  16. Who should go to jail?
  17. Doctors make a who should live when pandemic hits
  18. Would the same apply to us....normal people?
  19. Releasing prisoners for economic reasons
  20. This dude was really something
  21. Brother as Son
  22. Sexual assult and physical assults of males in australia
  23. Sexy Clothing Is "Emotional Abuse" For Men
  24. No such a thing as cruel and unusal punishment
  25. Driver kills dog, sues owner
  26. Knowing Right from Wrong. How?
  27. Killing & hurting; your arguments.
  28. What happens in Europe...
  29. School ban for kids with no MMR jab
  30. To smack or not to smack....that is the question!
  31. Camera up in your ass, cruel or unusual?
  32. Karma Cops...!
  33. Catcalling -- creepy or a compliment?
  34. veggie burgers reduce carbon footprint
  35. Should we have a freemarket for organs?
  36. What is Evil?
  37. Effects, results, and outcomes: Are we exempt from culpability?
  38. Iowa Immigration Raid: At what cost?
  39. Stem Cell / Embryo research - what do you think
  40. MPs to vote on abortion limit cut
  41. The rise of Manimal
  42. Negligence and indemnity
  43. Counterproposal: Don't dress like a slut...
  44. Permission to Lose Virginity
  45. Vicar pulls down Playboy stationery display
  46. $500 for snitching drinking parties
  47. Welfare Payment Hysteria
  48. Is Marriage Really a Civil Right?
  49. Data Retention
  50. Rape Survivors: Anonymous poll
  51. Swinging vs Open Marriage
  52. not allowed to talk to boys until a certain age.
  53. Gay rights
  54. Who should get gastric banding?
  55. Economic Growth Does not improve happiness - A new Paradigm for Government?
  56. Appropriate technology
  57. British Law: Presumption of what?
  58. I don't care if it does not affect me...
  59. Chris Rock Prank
  60. Barbaric treatment of stray Animals
  61. Need Help, Got Scammed!
  62. Verschärfte Vernehmung
  63. Lost or forgotten something?
  64. Jack Straw hits out at Archbishop for 'don't jail youths' plea
  65. Art or porn?
  66. Seattle hiker sacraficed his life for his wife
  67. What happens when there is no protocol?
  68. Sexual Discrimination and Violence: Changing men's attitudes
  69. personal delema
  70. Rape victiom recives justice
  71. Della Bosca stood down over club clash
  72. Hicks conviction 'could be overturned'
  73. To Porn or Not to Porn?
  74. Which is more despicable?
  75. Teacher stripping to punish kids
  76. Young People Having Children
  77. Who is more important?
  78. Is it rude to just randomly hit on a girl?
  79. R. Kelly found not guilty
  80. Anti drink driving campain
  81. Sexual Discrimination and Violence: Changing women's attitudes
  82. Octogerian love
  83. Statutory rape
  84. Bad father favoriting among his children
  85. Dad 'repeatedly walked past dead twins'
  86. International Justice: You might think this was an American moment
  87. Single fathers.....adoption!!
  88. Book start new advert!!
  89. spousal abuse
  90. Gay couples lose surrogacy access
  91. Memphis cops beat transsexual hooker
  92. Recent Injustices Brought Upon By an Unjust System...
  93. male privlege vs abusive females: which is real?
  94. Estranged wife jailed for 'monstrous act'
  95. Just when you think it simply cannot get any worse..
  96. Boy charged with raping 12-year-old girl
  97. backwards step for australia
  98. Crying rape:
  99. Sad Marriage in America
  100. My Car Door Hit Another Car Parked
  101. what is this country comming to
  102. Child protection
  103. polygamist marriage
  104. An interesting development
  105. Exploring polygamy
  106. The US gets the big fish of crime
  107. The Right to kill
  108. Ohio Prosecutor: Defense should not be allowed to show emotion
  109. "No Masturbation or Porn for you!?"
  110. Black hurricanes and green showers. Politically correct?
  111. Ethics Debate Help
  112. Another gender thread. Sorry, I had to raise this one.
  113. Man Sues U.S. Government
  114. Exclusive Brethren
  115. Quick justice by police
  116. Taking out acts of revenge....
  117. When someone quotes you...
  118. Incest
  119. Rape: The Megathread
  120. Dog ate owners toe
  121. Violence against men is just fine and dandy right?
  122. Gladiator-type Arenas
  123. Another poll on attitudes to rape
  124. What is rape, anyway? Do you know?
  125. On The Philosophy of Ethics; Daily Words of Wisdom?
  126. Pell screws sexual assault victim
  127. Thou shalt not annoy on Youth Day
  128. why i only regard the ABC as news
  129. ADHD Advice needed!
  130. Hypothetical
  131. Sex offender released after a few years of house arrest.
  132. Don't have sex on the beach in Dubai
  133. The Clearance Rack
  134. George Pell sticks his foot in it again
  135. Woman says 'Pool's closed' notice is racist
  136. Is this cruel or funny?
  137. Genetic manipulation.
  138. 94 yo Arrested in Sex Sting
  139. Should "Huck Finn" Be Banned in Schools for Its Use of the Forbidden N Word?
  140. Stop use of 'chav' - think tank
  141. Affairs:
  142. what would people expect?
  143. Fallibility and idiocy combine in psychistry
  144. Public displays of affection
  145. We always knew...
  146. Let me put it simply
  147. Cannabalism
  148. Legal Plunder (Bastiat)
  149. How can anyone do something like this ???
  150. If a man is raped by a woman...
  151. Assisted suicide/right to commit suicide
  152. Who am I? 24601
  153. Atkinson bans hydroponic equipment in SA cannabis crackdown
  154. Pleading Insanity
  155. lesbian justice
  156. If a woman breaks up with a man....
  157. Question for James
  158. an interesting artical
  159. howards "Australia Says No" campaine
  160. Jilted bride wins $150,000 from ex-fiancé
  161. War crimes by a country
  162. Death penalty argument
  163. "Honor Killing" family members
  164. From Behind the Razor Wire
  165. Street cameras
  166. Flag burning
  167. the ethics of mental health
  168. One World Government
  169. National ID cards, good or bad?
  170. Fetal products for research
  171. Curfews
  172. Why does popular culture enjoy portraying powerful women humiliating weaker men?
  173. Why are 'deadbeat moms' never mentioned?
  174. Bear with jar stuck on its head killed in MN
  175. Should journalists be punished for lying to the public ?
  176. Why support it if you cannot stomach it?
  177. Gay blood ban 'discrimination'
  178. Judeo-Christian Values
  179. The Federal Government is moving to ratify an optional protocol to the United Nations
  180. Accident: Convinced she was a bear
  181. should she go to jail?
  182. Australia: We don't need no stinkin' evidence (?)
  183. Superstition entitles people to "special rights"?
  184. Finally a honest guy on death row
  185. Are happiness and morality mutually exclusive?
  186. John Edwards who next....?
  187. Are truth and morality mutually exclusive?
  188. Poor Boy…… What gives on this crazy story?????
  189. Death penalty and Life in prison. Which is more barbaric?
  190. Splinter: Hunting, people, and populations
  191. The Bomb
  192. Racial Dating Predicaments
  193. Explain to me why the following things are wrong
  194. Judge asked to take billions from California Treasury
  195. Homosexuality (relation to Incest)
  196. Can you really blame these people?
  197. Why not just execute people who receive life without parole?
  198. what is the difference between police and millatary training?
  199. Is it ethical for a government to pay for favorable press coverage as W has done?
  200. STDs and the law
  201. Euthanizing the severely disabled?
  202. Describe what, in your opinion, is the best way to react to crime
  203. Would you remain silent? 2.part
  204. Animal testing Ethics
  205. Plagerism - Is this it?
  206. Sexuality And Global Forces
  207. Do you value human life above other life?
  208. What's with this?
  209. Is building/using bridges ethical?
  210. Murder?
  211. Vengeance
  212. Should incest be allowed? breeding between challenged people?
  213. Eugenics
  214. Why shouldn't suicidal people be allowed to commit suicide?
  215. Very interesting point on rape…
  216. Should Fox news, and Conservopedia ...
  217. Online Plagiarism
  218. Can anyone explain to me why such a huge difference in sentencing?
  219. So you want evidence?
  220. True Lies
  221. what if?
  222. Is this normal?
  223. Sex ed and the age of consent
  224. fur trade, skinning alive
  225. Mothers..
  226. What's with the phrase 'having it all'?
  227. True Lies
  228. Parental Rights v Parental Responsibilities
  229. Kiss and Tell
  230. Must Good=Weak?
  231. ethical question
  232. I love living in a 'patriarchy'
  233. Does this seem right to you?
  234. A teddy bear for Gitmo
  235. Real or artistic licence?
  236. Why are people forced to live involuntarily?
  237. Here's a good entertainment idea
  238. Is encouraging addiction ethical?
  239. Thoughts on Labor Day
  240. Is Censorship Justified?
  241. Do children have equal rights?
  242. Intolerance to Intolerants
  243. A teddy bear for Kashmir
  244. Criminals exiled
  245. Should children be allowed to be parented by dangerous people?
  246. BOOK - The Dark Side
  247. Westerners and moral judgements
  248. The justification of moral judgment
  249. Willpower needs.. something?
  250. More Sex Offender hype?…..