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  1. 5% of the population, 25% of the prison population
  2. Coming Apart: Blood flows in troubled America
  3. Something about disability, accessibility, presentation, HTML, and a cat
  4. Can you spell "medication," Billy? A study of prescriptions to toddlers, etc.
  5. US school pays Muslim student 350K in discrimination suit
  6. Until you give all animals equal rights to humans,
  7. Ignoring or having indifference to written laws and law enforcement?
  8. Detention as a means of political silencing
  9. Police use knives and cut up homeless people’s tents.
  10. What is the world coming to?
  11. US cops v US ambo's
  12. ABC Local - Under-age sex laws 'putting NT kids at risk'
  13. Suicide or Murder? County Court to Review Decade-Old Death Certificate
  14. Eighth grader strip searched
  15. 9 whales vs a human... which one would you chose?
  16. A Question of Sovereignty
  17. We chose whats worthy of living and whats not.
  18. What are ethics and morality based on?
  19. Torture?
  20. Khmer Rouge Trials. Genocide or Failed Revolution?
  21. Are sexual fetishes healthy? Just?
  22. Segregation and Ethnic cleansing as a democratic policy
  23. Neighbors at War
  24. The Line between Evil and Insanity
  25. Anger as a prelude to intolerance
  26. The morality of switching parties
  27. Mom harvests son's sperm
  28. Senate passes bill to outlaw sex with animals
  29. 'Death-on-demand culture' risky, ethics expert warns
  30. Schizophrenia and forcing meds
  31. We live in an amoral society..
  32. How do you feel about people who kill animals for the sheer fun of it?
  33. One of my random thoughts really, but I'll post it anyway
  34. Vhemt
  35. Ethics and Morals of Human enhancement
  36. Hate's New Look
  37. Who killed my daughter?
  38. Paying for snitching
  39. Is prostitution a vice?
  40. group sex, is it rape?
  41. Alarm bells ring over 'sexting'
  42. Texas inmate sentenced to 60 more years on prison for possession of cellphone
  43. Convincing your child to want to die
  44. Do you consider yourself a 'good person'?
  45. Support for dictatorships with poor human rights records
  46. Fatal Mistake? Arizona prison officials suspended over death of inmate
  47. Do you feel safe in your country?
  48. Belgian nationality
  49. American stupid: Let's runaway to Disneyland!
  50. What's with the self-limitations when administering justice?
  51. Rights are not objective
  52. When a judge overrules the jury
  53. The Islamic State - a perfect society?
  54. What makes a good Leader?
  55. Racism in the Gay Community
  56. Police should use waterboarding
  57. When is it alright to hate?
  58. Is it Rape?
  59. The Color of Crime and Our Perception
  60. Affairs With Pupils - Why Not?
  61. How far is too far in Comedy ?
  62. Homophobia in atheists
  63. Not Illegal to Re-Use Needles & Sutures
  64. Teenager Mutilates 24+ Pets
  65. Is it rape if consent is not possible?
  66. When children rape...
  67. Is me posting this thread rape?
  68. Sosa, steroids and baseball
  69. 12yo pregnancy
  70. Protection from harassment act 1997
  71. Deserved to be cheated on?
  72. Gay debate (Draqon digression)
  73. Gay debate (redux)
  74. Pray in parliment
  75. What constitutes a good life?
  76. Beyotch or Not?
  77. I respect what Hitler accomplished
  78. Splinter: Hating Muhammad
  79. Suicide or Not?
  80. On Spinoza and Right Action
  81. a questiona about bribery
  82. Number of immigrants given passports predicted to reach a record 220,000
  83. Perspective on Bias in Egoism
  84. Is breastfeeding obscene?
  85. Morality and the brain
  86. Peace and Harmony the measure of development?
  87. Let's Convert a Heathen: New Gameshow!
  88. Mass Murderers as objects of admiration
  89. Wiki, the undisputed source of all knowledge...
  90. Strict hygiene enforcement?
  91. The rejection of euthanasia is illogical
  92. Eugenics..
  93. Ticketed for Kissing
  94. Ahh, Yes, More Racism!
  95. Do Bigfoots, Yetis & Yowies Have Human Rights In The Eyes Of The Law?
  96. Sex for $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
  97. Eradicating white poverty
  98. I cannot bring myself to keep supporting capitalism
  99. Culture does not make Right
  100. Cannibalism discussion
  101. 'Hostel' scenario
  102. respect for the dead?
  103. Assisted suicide
  104. Convicted criminals and migration laws
  105. When is inaction immoral
  106. What rights to privacy
  107. Fetuses have no rights and hence it is alright to kill them
  108. women are always victims?
  109. Ethics Clause in Job Contract
  110. Raped Child in Foster Care
  111. Stupid Is as Stupid Does
  112. Ethics of forced removal of violence from society.
  113. Atheistic geeks vs Ganster thugs
  114. texts with the theme justice?
  115. Mafia
  116. Labor party and gay marriage
  117. Can truth and justice co-exist?!
  118. A Simple Justice System
  119. Is It Graffiti? (No happy faces allowed!)
  120. Well, we were married but...
  121. Prisons
  122. Who has the hardest police force?
  123. opinions:
  124. The War on drugs targets the innocent conduct of 20 million+ people with punishment.
  125. What is the basis of Morality?
  126. No sex policy
  127. How to determine who owns the land?
  128. Group of Women Krazy Glue man's penis
  129. Stay the Hell Out of North Carolina (What more reason do you need?)
  130. Train robber Ronnie Biggs to be freed on medical grounds
  131. Paedophilia: "Hysteria and Hypocrisy"
  132. No More Cookies
  133. Definitions Of World Equality That Are Achievable In The Next 100 Years?
  134. Should compassion be a part of the justice system?
  135. Do you feel the effects of female privilege?
  136. beer woman spared a good old fasioned caning
  137. With the consent of the masses
  138. Do we own our organs?
  139. Family question
  140. If slavery were open to everyone equally, would it be ok?
  141. Hecklers veto
  142. My turn for genocide
  143. A Matter Of Trust: Jews And Whites
  144. Megrahi, the innocent
  145. Women on the front line
  146. Joseph Smith was an Occasional Drinker.
  147. Did Texas Execute an Innocent Man?
  148. Australia or Afganisatan?
  149. Gender bias in sentencing?
  150. Do You Believe in Free Speech?
  151. Democracy or Dictatorship
  152. Is America Going Back on its Morals?
  153. Age of Consent and Age Differences
  154. Two sides of an issue
  155. Compromising with apartheid [second try]
  156. Is Richard Goldstone a liar, an antisemite and a biased hater?
  157. Shame as a feature of morality
  158. Wolf in the sheep pen
  159. Should the Brown's Chicken Killers get death?
  160. Do people "deserve" to be criminally violated?
  161. Would an Iraqi be justified in a terrorist attack on the US?
  162. Animals in war zones
  163. The Barefoot Outlaw
  164. Which genocide is more important to you?
  165. Stolen Valor
  166. If a person has the IQ of say, a pig or cow, is it wrong to eat them? Why or why not?
  167. Interracial marriage denied
  168. Most Quebec MDs in favour of legalized euthanasia:
  169. Ending death penalty could save US millions: study
  170. When animals fight back
  171. Should the BBC allow interview with BNP?
  172. DC sniper Muhammad set to die by lethal injection
  173. A Gesture of Reconciliation
  174. African leadership prize
  175. How far does freedom of the press go ?
  176. Aiding and Abetting
  177. The barbaric Halal slaughter of animals
  178. Man Gets 3 Years for Sex with Horse
  179. Bigotry: argument by numbers
  180. What is Love?
  181. Criminal Enthusiasm? UK woman to stand trial for noisy coitus
  182. Rembrance Day
  183. NeutralizingThe 'F' Word@ ForkUniversity
  184. Hate Groups - How Big of a Threat Are They?
  185. Are all soldiers like the Nazis?
  186. Challenging another person's stance on religion?
  187. Men sue Wikipedia for continuing to publish their names
  188. Do belief systems deserve respect?
  189. Now I've heard everything
  190. Scientology:church or criminal gang?
  191. Arrested for not Tipping
  192. Might = Right
  193. Death penalty: executing the evidence?
  194. Convention on the Rights of the Child
  195. Man Kills Child Molester
  196. Special Rules for Fat Students!
  197. Sleeping with the enemy
  198. Should we feed North Korea?
  199. Morality Question of the Day - 11/24/09
  200. Morality Question of the Day - 11/25/09
  201. Polanski Wins Bail
  202. Morality Question of the Day - 11/26/09
  203. Brer Fox & the Tar Baby - A Sticky Object Lesson
  204. Morality Question of the Day - 11/27/09
  205. jerking off
  206. Toronto 'Humane' Society officials in a spot of trouble
  207. Justification of racism
  208. Morality Question of the Day - 11/30/09
  209. I have nothing against blacks and mexicans I just don't want them in my neighborhood
  210. A Parallel To SAMS Statement about the US being more tolerant than European countries
  211. Lakewood, Washington: Officers Down - Four Police Dead; Suspect Killed During Manhunt
  212. Morality Question of the Day - 12/01/09
  213. Is "green" activism responsible for millions of deaths?
  214. Morality Question of the Day - 12/02/09
  215. Morality Question of the Day - 12/03/09
  216. should celebrities sex life be of public concern?
  217. Publicly funded abortions
  218. Morality Question of the Day - 12/04/09
  219. The German Forced to Become a Turk
  220. Man Drops $127m At Casino; Sues Casino!
  221. Being a Gentleman
  222. Man can't be named
  223. Imposing government morality on the citizens
  224. 'net Morality
  225. Giving to needy people and causes.
  226. Rights vs genetics
  227. Owning a person
  228. BIA fraud case: Obama, tribes settle longstanding suit for a fraction of the stake
  229. Very hard morality question of the day........!
  230. Rape Survivors: Anonymous Poll v.2
  231. Domestic violence ... with beer
  232. Fetal abduction: Another gruesome murder charge
  233. Ban on HIV Positive Immigrants Lifted
  234. Why does nudity bother people while explicit violence is accepted....
  235. ‘The international community has betrayed the people of Gaza’
  236. Without the Death Penalty....?
  237. Hate Crime Laws are Stupid
  238. The Ends and the Means
  239. Eatonville, Washington: Officers Down - One Deputy Dead; Gunman Killed in Shootout
  240. Yes or No: 'Gladiator' games would be human rights violations
  241. terrorist attacks
  242. Two Incidents - What'd ya' Think?
  243. Don't hate! Don't judge!
  244. Chicago Police May Scrap Entrance Exam. Why? Not enough minorities pass.
  245. Freedom isn't Free
  246. When is the complete annihilation of a form of life good or bad?
  247. Woman reports rape in Dubai, but is then arrested for illegal sex
  248. Piracy
  249. What limits to obstinate behavior against the majority you think is wrong?
  250. One for bells