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  1. Average Animal Size vs Time
  2. Biomathematics and Biostatistics Call for Paper,Special Session within iCBBE2009 lw
  3. How come we have 46 chromosomes and other primates have 48?
  4. Why do your hands shake slightly after heavy exercise?
  5. Scientists Discover Proteins Controlling Evolution
  6. The Optimality of the Genetic Code
  7. Beyond the gene: modern genetics explained
  8. AIDS cured by Bone Marrow Transplant
  9. Question about insects' wings
  10. Completely hypothetical, "What if?"
  11. Journal Club: "Diversity and Evolutionary History of Plastids and Their Hosts"
  12. Are "memes" to be taken seriously?
  13. How Far Can An Iguana Raft With No Water?
  14. Histidine
  15. How can people be allergic to things that are found naturally in the body?
  16. Custom Grown Organ Tranplanted!!!!
  17. ACTH-like skin darkening drug?
  18. Furbies LIVE!
  19. How to foil a genetic fingerprint
  20. what in the world is this??
  21. Questioning the tree of life?
  22. can your genetic code be altered?
  23. definition of death
  24. Aging, DNA, and deregulation (of a sort)
  25. Cholera kills up to 500 in Zimbabwe: WHO
  26. sex in space?
  27. That which makes us clever, make us mad
  28. making miniature animals big again
  29. Evolution and the eye
  30. Questions about evolution
  31. Antibiodic Resistance
  32. Extremophilic DNA/RNA?
  33. Death of the Y gene and humanity
  34. Genetic resistance to AIDS
  35. dinosaurs and birds
  36. Squid with 'elbows'
  37. How exactly does adrenaline dull pain?
  38. what did humans...
  39. Cure to Cancer?
  40. Faces
  41. pupil and iris diameter the same in all people?
  42. Alliance
  43. Lactose Intolerant + Gluten Allergy
  44. Biology & Genetics forum - moderation and posting (read before posting)
  45. Prey & Predator Intelligence Potential
  46. Over-Salivation...
  47. Blood Suckers
  48. Teratoma
  49. Kanethiol self-assembled monolayers (SAMs)
  50. Amateur Bioengineering :eek:
  51. Machines that make machines?
  52. Capabilities of the First Human
  53. Therapeutic splice modification
  54. The origin of life re-created?
  55. Silicon Dioxide (Glass) Metabolism
  56. What is SecA–SecY complex and SecYE?
  57. Evolution by Virus, what an idea!
  58. Vegetarian yes or no?
  59. Onychophores as Insect Precursors?
  60. Piebald
  61. Why does the menstrual cycle mess up your energy levels?
  62. Natural Selection
  63. Reverse Evolution Getting Closer
  64. Genetic Toolkits for Multicellularity and Development
  65. Methane on Mars – biological or geological origin?
  66. Externally-driven ATP-synthase?
  67. Mass in daughter's leg
  68. Am I Killing My Husband???
  69. Immortal Jellyfish!
  70. Has the Coelacanth & Wollemi Pine Evolved
  71. Human races do exist in nature
  72. Born with Functional Extra Digits
  73. Why do we get wisdom teeth?
  74. Should I try to reduce my libido, and if so, how?
  75. Has maximum lifespan changed over the centuries?
  76. Genetic debate
  77. Cloning an extinct animal
  78. Programmed Evolution
  79. ACTH is an *antiseizure agent*?
  80. Sons & Daughters
  81. Morphed
  82. horse allergic to hay?
  83. How many possibilities does it give?
  84. what's with the little drops of water?
  85. All multiceluar organisms require sunlight
  86. Are multivitamins needed?
  87. Stink bugs!!!
  88. Eating Pet Food
  89. Aliens manipulated our genes?
  90. Does eating too much sugar alone cause diabetes?
  91. inhaling weird molecules
  92. Hypotensives more prone to internal bleeding?
  93. Regeneration
  94. Biomimicry: Biologically Inspired Engineering
  95. People are the most ill-equipped animals(for wilderness survival)
  96. Break down internal scar tissue
  97. Kidney stones
  98. Why aren't foxes domesticated?
  99. Typhoid Marys
  100. Why Do We Laugh??
  101. Maggots Colourblind?
  102. My definition of a species... how is it?
  103. Sperm
  104. Alzheimer's prions
  105. Earliest 'human footprints' found
  106. How to make yourself vomit!
  107. Mass Extinction
  108. Fossil of giant toothed seabird found.
  109. What makes introns non-coding?
  110. Are chickens from double yolked eggs twins?
  111. Question about DNA haplotype testing
  112. Evolution Education Website
  113. Brown Eggs
  114. How do you kill insects for collection?
  115. Wing Implants
  116. Denial of evolution II
  117. Denial of evolution III
  118. Neuroscience
  119. Natural Selection
  120. Embryo Swapping
  121. Are You a Leftie?
  122. Why are the different dog breeds not classed as different subspecies?
  123. Scientist injects self w/ Ebola
  124. Why does your heart rate remain very elevated after heavy exercise?
  125. Cold Sores : Virus Caused? :-(
  126. Hemoglobin and Binding Affinity to Oxygen
  127. Creppiest owl video...
  128. Is Addiction Genetic
  129. Psylicyben and Apes
  130. Et dna
  131. Why are good-looking people treated better?
  132. Airborne Allergies.
  133. The Physics of DNA
  134. Hypervariable somatic mutations- evolution in your own cells
  135. Oral Sex Linked to Throat Cancer
  136. I found Prickly Pear Cactus: It can survive Subzero temps!
  137. Hot tubs can spread infection
  138. Worms on the Sidewalk
  139. Reclassification of Homo sapiens.
  140. Stem Cell Research
  141. Which degree should I take?
  142. Origin of Species: Proven?
  143. All Female Species Found
  144. Dangerous?
  145. High Pain Threshold Madness?
  146. Oh... my.. god.. ever heard of tree man?
  147. Remoras
  148. Black mold!
  149. Adrenocortical Layers
  150. My Didjeridoo and the Wasps
  151. Muscle cross-section and strength.
  152. Does a Dew Worm Need to Evolve?
  153. association study confusion
  154. Breeding question
  155. Why do sores smell?
  156. Why are we near hairless?
  157. How does the growth hormone work?
  158. Help with meat addiction
  159. Watering plants with shaken water
  160. Changing therapeutic approaches: the RNA level
  161. Why don't plants absorb the sun's peak wavelength - why are they green?
  162. How gunshot survivor became first to receive face transplant
  163. Miserable Husband
  164. What percentage of "athiesm" is genetic?
  165. Insect Mentality
  166. Ahhh, finally. The beginning of evolution!
  167. Tamiflu Developer: Swine Flu Could Have Come From Bio-Experiment Lab
  168. When you hyperventilate...
  169. Born old ???
  170. Can Humans DIGEST Cellulose.. ??
  171. suger or fat
  172. evolution just a word?
  173. Bacteria aren't the only source of Komodo bite danger
  174. Meet the ancestors - missing link found!
  175. Do Mitochondria ONLY come from the mother?
  176. Seeing Underwater OK But Shortsighted On Land?
  177. The Curious Case of the Apparently Ailing Bee
  178. DGGE gradient_no bands visible
  179. Jobs In Biology Field?
  180. DGGE marker
  181. Goats in Trees
  182. In molecular biology, how do we really know?
  183. Blood diseases only women can receive
  184. Is it worth catching swine flu?
  185. Cat Growing Wings
  186. Names of mass-oxygen producing algae?
  187. Oldest Disease
  188. steroid hormones for anti inflammation and immunosuppression
  189. do you have one of these in your inner forearm? Squeeze to find out
  190. I bought a chickadee at least one day extra of Life
  191. Diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer
  192. Could you train your senses to become more acute?
  193. 'Warrior Gene'
  194. Study provides key to significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer
  195. not attracted to men nor women
  196. Bioluminescent STDs
  197. Succulent
  198. Biotechnology vs Biomedical Science?
  199. Amputation
  200. What is it about staring at a computer screen that makes you hyperactive?
  201. Which Came First: Bipedallism Or The Spear?
  202. Bacteria Can 'Learn' And Plan Ahead
  203. Don't the Gay Ducks Know They're Going to Hell?
  204. "Why doesn't she age?"
  205. Is a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology useless?
  206. Does Eating Brains Make You Brainier?
  207. My vision does weird things, does yours? (and why?)
  208. Why does the brain do this?
  209. Swine Flu in the UK
  210. Is Our Intelligence Our Downfall?
  211. Blind Bob & Weave
  212. Getting into Mol Bio in UK
  213. Masterbating increases healthy sperm and chances of pregancy.
  214. Space as the crucible of new Human species
  215. Cure for cancer found
  216. Limb regrowth
  217. Malignant melanoma rates in New Zealand
  218. Were Neanderthals Unable To Throw Their Spears During Hunting?
  219. Criteria to observe mesoscopic emergence
  220. Are their people in society that are farther on the evolutionary scale than others.
  221. valich: Olfactory sensitivity in bears
  222. Global Swine flu reports and discussion
  223. Zoology help! please:]
  224. "Ambient Deafness"
  225. Offsring Maturity Time Spans?
  226. D. Geminata
  227. Look at this...
  228. Ants rule!
  229. Ilya Ivanov
  230. What does dopamine do in the liver?
  231. is there a connection?
  232. first round with evolution.
  233. poisenous?
  234. Right or Left Pawed?
  235. Virus-Host merger
  236. Food that lacks taste probably lacks nutrition
  237. Genes and Race
  238. Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) and notation?
  239. Sweet saliva
  240. Hyper Evolution Possible?
  241. Ethylene glycol is not a carcinogen
  242. Gorillas and HIV
  243. Awesome Chameleon Video
  244. Fatal Familial Insomnia
  245. European haplogroups
  246. Physical Analyses of E. coli Heteroduplex Recombination Products In Vivo
  247. evolutionary development biology
  248. One Evolution Mystery Solved???
  249. Oil on microscope lens
  250. Strange bug anyone know what it is?