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  2. Definitions: Theism, Atheism, Agnosticism
  3. Action Notes v.1.R
  4. Paul's gospel must be accepted
  5. Test your knowledge: Bible Vs. Quran
  6. Existence of god
  7. WTF is this? Shroud of Turin.
  8. A Being That Syntactically Self-distributes Itself
  9. The knowledge of sin.
  10. What if there's an afterlife but no God?
  11. Bible = Harry Potter?
  12. What is the role of religion in our modern secular world?
  13. Is Islam shallow for using sex in heaven as itís main draw for Muslim men?
  14. "All gods are man-made" - evidence?
  15. Vatican: Atheists will still burn in eternal hellfire
  16. How are adults talked into believing in fantasy creatures, miracles and magic?
  17. The misogyny of the early Christian church
  18. proof God exists
  19. Everything about life and the universe becomes MUCH more understandable...
  20. Are Atheist Ungrateful and superficial?
  21. The Dangers of Self-fullfilling Prophecies
  22. Pat Robertson wants to vomit when he sees gay couples kissing
  23. the King Solomon
  24. Can God love or have a moral sense?
  25. PanenDeism anyone?
  26. How the Bible could contain genuine 'information' emited by an Infinite Mind (God)?
  27. Is needing or wanting to worshiping a God a human defect or benefit?
  28. Questions about hell
  29. If God existed he could end all this suffering right now
  30. A god that creates energy out o nothing is violating conservation laws & doesnt exist
  31. Does God allow evil? Of course not.
  32. Is it possible to believe in God, and be a darwinist at the same time?
  33. Godís glitch in Eden. A & E had to break Godís second command to accomplish the first
  34. God may be a liar
  35. The Eternalist
  36. Muslims promote Sharia law. Why do Christians not promote their law?
  37. Every one is essentially alone ~ with them selves
  38. Pastafarians Remind the Real Motivation of the Modern Atheistic Movement
  39. Why does god have to be an entity?
  40. If created perfect as scriptures say, why would we need salvation?
  41. You want to be baptized? Why?
  42. Is a Humanity based religion where we should go ? Any god concept is excluded
  43. Erroneous scientific studies: Religious people are less intelligent than atheists
  44. Angels According to Medium Sylvia Browne
  45. Does religion make us better people?
  46. Is the Bible the WORD of God or the WORD of Satan?
  47. Jesus is dead
  48. Christianity will be extinct one day
  49. If women thought and acted like men, would men like it and respect women?
  50. How far have those in the Abrahamic religions investigated their religious actions
  51. God vs free will.
  52. Just because: global warming: is God experimenting on us?
  53. God. The kid that MADE an anthill
  54. God, an imaginary fantasy?
  55. Betty Bowers explains abortion: God's all for it!
  56. Remarried christians living in adultery?
  57. Fellow believers. You say you are saved and non-believers go to hell. Well, ----
  58. Does God have a choice whether to answer a prayer or not?
  59. Does God get a fail in the love category?
  60. Rationalizing the existence of God
  61. God as One
  62. Creationist scientists search for talking snake bones in Africa
  63. Any atheists here who were once believers?
  64. Taxes. Why are we subsidizing or exempting religions that just lie to us?
  65. Would we honor Gos
  66. Do you worry about "death"
  67. If God wasn't invisible..
  68. Jesus names as evil those who think his Father would break heavenly law and have him
  69. My thoughts On the Whole Creationist/Evolution Debate
  70. Does theism presuppose a deterministic universe?
  71. Religious conversions
  72. The irrelevance of God
  73. Is the industrialized World becoming less religious?
  74. What matters most for abandoning creationism: facts, or religious interpretation?
  75. I have independently confirmed the CTMU to be exact
  76. Covert Messiah?
  77. the enigmatic personages of the Bible
  78. Is Satan both the Holy Spirit and Godís wife or Asherah?
  79. Is Atheism Irrelavent?
  80. The Relevance of the Concept of God
  81. Slippery Slope: Caution for Believers
  82. Atheist Spirtuality?
  83. Abrahamic cult members only. It is demonstrable that God has to be one of us.
  84. Are we being snowed under with religion/God orientated threads?
  85. How many wives does Jesus allow?
  86. Aren't you scared?
  87. Indulgences; moral or immoral? How much for a rape Pope Francis?
  88. Halloween
  89. Is Christianity a Great religion?
  90. What was the fight between God and Satan about?
  91. David the warrior king?
  92. The legend of Adam's first wife, Lilith
  93. Curing Jewish Ignorance
  94. Atheis church congregation raising money
  95. Was Jesus "Invented"?
  96. Spanking your wife for Jesus
  97. Care to compare the Jesus you know to the one I know?
  98. Scientific studies: Religious people are less intelligent than atheists
  99. Are miracles true?
  100. Story about Jesus in the Gospels
  101. Is the story of Exodus true?
  102. What is this Urantia Book?
  103. Insulting Religion
  104. plural of Muslim faiths
  105. Should Christians judge God?
  106. Does God and his --- Obey or Die law--- say that Christians are to be slaves forever?
  107. What did really happen to Jesus on the cross?
  108. Tax exempt
  109. Faithful Buddhist should visit Lumbini , like Muslim should visit Mecca
  110. What us atheists objective
  111. Happiness
  112. Discussing religion is literally a waste of time and energy
  113. How many of the 7 deadly sins does God do and is that ok with Christians?
  114. Who was correct, Jews or Christians? Was Eden our elevation or our fall?
  115. Jesus
  116. God is "dead"
  117. Virgin birth
  118. How many spirits does God have?
  119. Religious population
  120. I saw a Buddhist in Fry's Electronics
  121. Is needlessly sacrificing your child, as God did, child abuse and murder?
  122. How many different versions of God are there?
  123. On atheist/agnostic funerals
  124. the universe was created by an act of love.
  125. Do we have soul?
  126. Is Jesus a great man?
  127. Who is Jesus' father?
  128. Who believe in reincarnation?
  129. Split topic: Mass consciousness, miracles, and coincidence
  130. Woman is the root cause of all of manís and Godís woes.
  131. Can you picture Jesus using genocide as Noahís God did?
  132. a little religious humor for scientists
  133. Do religious folk (christians) have a sense of humour?
  134. Jesus: Reformer?
  135. A confession when facing the throne (Joke).
  136. Was Jesus part Ape? Shroud of Turin Story.
  137. Atheist's preferred gods.
  138. What is true about Jesus?
  139. Mark 9
  140. Do you recognize the paradoxes in the description of your God?
  141. Divine healing
  142. There cannot be a pefect God
  143. Deep thought about planet earth and it's many unresolved issues
  144. God will not return until we admit that we cannot love him just as he cannot love us.
  145. Jesus is the Proof that God Exists
  146. Has science addressed any or all of Jobís questions or misconceptions?
  147. Einstein On God
  148. fox news yet again
  149. Does being under supernatural control exonerate Eve of any sin?
  150. The Devils Pulpit
  151. 300 disproofs of god
  152. Religious moralism vs true morality
  153. Religion As A Means To Be Free
  154. Why is it deemed wrong to "bash religion"?
  155. Preacher dies of snakebite
  156. Faith Healing and Government's role in religious belief..
  157. Thousands flock to witness miracle of condensation
  158. Religion is Free
  159. What will we replace religion with?
  160. Demonizing people
  161. The Blood Moons
  162. Sex & death
  163. Christian. Would you teach your child to use a scapegoat at school?
  164. Bid to boost feminism among Muslim women
  165. Have you investigated Gnostic Christianity?
  166. Fred Phelps Dead at 84
  167. A Request Directed to Sciforums' "Atheists"
  168. Living a higher class. Baseline evil.
  169. Reality
  170. The Bread Of Life.
  171. Why so close-minded and biased against Christian faith?
  172. African Christians will be killed if Church of England accepts gay marriage
  173. Regarding Religion as a Whole (and John Lennon, can't forget him)
  174. What religious people do to each other
  175. Gay marriage first for chaplain in defiance of C of E
  176. Reading The Bible
  177. The Religion Forum and You
  178. Faith and Acts: Illustrating a fundamental question
  179. Happy Easter...
  180. Ostara Notes
  181. Hobby Lobby Has a Plan
  182. Christian rapper's response to Macklemore's "Same Love"
  183. The Best Possible Translation of the Original Bible
  184. The Catholic Catechism on masturbation
  185. On mystical atheists
  186. Hard to believe?
  187. Something to ponder
  188. Gotta love some religions...
  189. Bill Maher comedian & religion
  190. Maybe God Doesn't Know What Is In A Person's Heart ....
  191. Okay... so... seriously...
  192. God knows all.!!!
  193. Evolution, Dinosaurs and Genesis.. A New Take..
  194. The God Helmet
  195. Crazy things famous Christians say
  196. Facts of vs Theory of Evolution
  197. Saturday Night Live & The Exodus
  198. syncretism
  199. Interrelation Of Religions
  200. In the Black Hole We Trust: the Black Hole is Our True God
  201. Population Control
  202. Is God a just judge?
  203. Muslim killing Muslim slows their demographic takeover of the world.
  204. Pope excommunicates all mobsters
  205. Reality as God
  206. Speaking of the crazy things some religious folks do...
  207. definition of atheist (comment on 'definition' sticky)
  208. Art
  209. Betty Bowers explains abortion (God's for it!)
  210. God doesn't exist or it is prideful
  211. Pope approves of exorcism taskforce
  212. New Christ Myth forum - all welcome :)
  213. Deity Appreciation
  214. When Parents Call God Instead of the Doctor
  215. Religion Sub Forum Rules
  216. Film short: Why It's So Hard for Scientists to Believe in God
  217. Raise Your Spiritual Consciousness
  218. Women. Religionís longest running victims.
  219. If Jesus fulfilled the OT messiah prophecies..
  220. Restaurant rescinds prayer discount
  221. R-rated
  222. What I Believe - Leo Tolstoi
  223. New study links belief in punative God to emotional problems
  224. Religion Of The Possible Future
  225. The Practicality Of The Soul
  226. How Unlike Religion Is Politics?
  227. Epigentics prove original sin!
  228. where the * is it?
  229. The Holy Spirit Explored (Scripture & Photos Examined)
  230. the question "prove God exists" is a logical fallicy
  231. Atheists and the soul
  232. Experiences During Sleep
  233. Why was Adam exempt from the transgression when the transgression was disobedience?